This year has been such an amazing journey and I’m looking forward to seeing what 2018 has in store. To kick off the new year, I’m adding new blog posts into our regular rotation based on what YOU have asked me to see! At the beginning of the month, I’ll be rolling out beauty focused posts full of video content. In addition, you can check out my entrepreneur diary posts to take an unfiltered peek into my life! You can subscribe to Zelda’s YouTube channel to stay up to date with her favorite toys and then subscribe to mine for even more beauty videos. See my favorite holiday hair videos below!

This hairstyle is super simple to do on yourself or request at the salon. This pretty and polished look is even better the next day, you can seriously roll out of bed #IWokeUpLikeThis style! I added a fun oversized barrette so you can see my profile, but you can easily leave both sides down if that makes you more comfortable. Perfectly polished waves are always a good idea!
Products Used for Polished Waves
IGK Sunday Sunday Texture FoamOUAI Smooth Spray1.5 Inch Curling Wand (Worth EVERY Penny)

A reverse french braid is a fun and easy way to pull your hair back without being too formal. I highly recommend putting the curling iron through your hair to give your pony tail a voluminously polished look.  Adding an oversized bow makes it extra special! There are SO many options to choose from, like these from Free People.
Products Used for Holiday Braid
IGK Sunday Sunday Texture FoamOUAI Soft HairsprayBow To Finish StyleGHD Flat Iron

This half back twisted style is a fantastic way to change up those pretty and polished waves. If you are looking to elevate your holiday hair game, I suggest styling your hair with perfect polished waves (as shown in the first video). Once styled, pull your hair half back with this fun twist. It’s super simple an takes under 5 minutes to complete, and you can finish with a fun hair pin.
Products Used for Twisted Half Back
IGK Sunday Sunday Texture FoamOUAI Soft HairsprayHair ElasticsHair Pin To Finish Style

I am a huge fan of the bubble ponytail year round. It’s pretty much as simple as it gets when it comes to styling your hair, and is a great second or third day hairstyle after a blowout. With so many options out right now for bows and scrunchies (I never thought I would say that word again after the 90’s!), finish with something fun and festive for the season. I’m totally crushing on these!
Products Used for Bubble Ponytail
IGK Sunday Sunday Texture FoamOUAI Soft Hair SprayHair Elastics | Bow To Finish Style (Bow Featured is Sold Out)

If you are seeking a bit of an edgier holiday look, this 3-Dutch Chain Braid has your name all over it!  If you already know how to braid this won’t even phase you, it’s actually very simple once you get going. I added the braid chain to give it a bit of unexpectedness and texture. The chain comes in gold or silver so it is sure to work with any holiday look! Get it girl!
Products Used for 3-Dutch Chain Braid
IGK Down Out And Dirty Texture Spray | OUAI Soft Hair Spray | Hair Elastics | Hair Braid Chain

If you are going for a safer glam look, this is an easy way to be fun and festive. Create smooth glam waves with a 1.25″ curling rod and finish with fun flashing holiday lights. I turned a necklace into a headband and tucked the small battery pack underneath. There is no better time to get creative than the holidays!
Products Used for Holiday Glam Waves
IGK Down Out And Dirty Texture SprayOUAI Soft Hair SprayGHD 1.25″ Curling Iron  | Holiday Lights

Now a little holiday present for my lovelies….it has taken me so long to figure out how to make my blowouts last. Being a mom, it’s difficult for me to find time to do my hair everyday (it’s actually impossible), so have done years of intense research (LOL!). I have found the perfect solution that REALLY works!
Step 1: Tie your hair back with these hair ties, they don’t leave the dreaded band.
Step: 2: Sleep on this pillowcase. (I would NEVER tell you to spend $80 on a silk pillowcase unless it worked!) It will make your blowout last at least 3 days longer.
Step 3: Extend it with Oribe Lust Dry Shampoo. This is a product that I regularly rotate to test and is by far my favorite. The heftier price tag is well worth it!
Hair products you need for 2018.
If you are looking to step up your hair tool game for 2018 these are well worth the investment and will almost make you think you can do hair professionally:
1. Dyson Hairdryer
2. GHD 1.25″ Curling Iron
3. GHD Flat Iron
Starting in 2018, I will be publishing a new hair tutorial weekly with my best babe BLOHAUTE. If there is a style you are dying to learn how to do or see just comment below! Happy Holidays!