Earlier this year star producer Gordan Gray learned that his two daughters, Charlotte (almost 2) and Gwenyth (4 years old) had been diagnosed with Batten disease. This extremely rare brain disorder is a fatal condition that includes seizures, vision impairment, and loss of motor skills. Due to the uncommonness of the disease, there is very little funding for clinical trials or research to find a cure or treatment.
A few months ago a doctor told Gordan, “I have something here that I believe will be a cure, but there’s no funding for it right now. Nothing. You would have to personally fund the research, the trials, everything, including the surgery.”
Munchkin is asking you to help this family. This baby and children’s products company will be donating 100% of all proceeds purchased from their website from today through June 28th. Anything you buy will make a huge difference for the Gray family. For more information on the disease and how to donate, please visit the Cure Batten website by clicking here or make a purchase from  Together, we can save these little girls and anyone who is diagnosed in the future!
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