Halloween is less than a week away and I don’t know about you, but carving pumpkins isn’t my forte. Last weekend we decided to tackle a super fun project that was easy, had minimal clean up and left us with some of the best pumpkins we’ve ever made. This year, Target is selling pumpkin kits – they’re super cute, cost $5 and come in an adorable little can. We decided to go with the “Trick-or-Treat Yo’ Self” and the “Kitty Pumpkin”.
An easy sparkle Halloween Pumpkin DIY.
The Kitty Pumpkin comes with black paint but black paint and Zelda don’t really mix. Instead we decided to use the black paint for the other kit and bought a white pumpkin for the kitty. It was so easy! We attached the eyes, ears and bow tie, and then we were done. The “Trick-or-Treat Yo’ Self” is more of an adult project because of the black paint. I did this one while Zelda tackled her pumpkins and was pretty proud of myself when I finished.
When putting the stickers on, be sure to use a ruler or you might look like you’re a couple glasses of wine deep (not that there is any shame in that!). After we finished with our pumpkin DIY kits, we decided to decorate a few mini pumpkins that we found at the Farmers Market (although you can find these anywhere). I gave Zelda a sharpie marker and allowed her to draw designs on the pumpkins.
How to create a sparkle pumpkin with a toddler.
Once her designs were finished, I traced over her work with glue. I recommend doing this in sections – don’t cover everything with glue at once or you will be left with an epic mess. Once the glue was on, Zelda sprinkled glitter over the glue. They are so adorable and she was so proud of them. Tossing the piece of newsprint underneath was the only clean up!
An alphabet pumpkin DIY for Halloween.How to put metallic leaves on a pumpkin.
For the lettered pumpkin we used some of our old craft supplies. We had metallic autumn leaves and jewels, and the glue gun became our best friend! I used it to glue the fall leaves in layers at the top and that was it. Use what craft supplies you have and get creative! Decorating pumpkins doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Family time is fun time and the less clean up you have, the better!
A kitty pumpkin DIY.

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