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Halloween is going to be here a minute, which means it’s time to think about and prep your Halloween DIY Home Decor. Even if you don’t usually go big with Halloween holiday decor, I guarantee I’ve got at least one Halloween DIY Home Decor item for you in this post! If you follow along on Instagram, you may have gotten a little teaser as to the direction of my Halloween vibe this year. Think unicorns and rainbows meets haunted house? It’s a little less spooky than what I did last year with eBay but oh so, SO good.

Now, I totally get that a “pretty”Halloween might be a little unorthodox but that’s exactly what I was going for. I actually took what I used last year, which was all from eBay, who I’ve partnered up with again, and completely upcycled everything to transform it to fit this year’s theme. So I actually bought almost nothing! This is the best way to do things when it comes to Halloween DIY Home Decor – especially if you’re like me and like to switch things out and do something totally different every year.

If you do need some supplies for your DIYs, though, don’t worry! eBay is THE place and BEST resource to find what you need to create your own magical Halloween experience. From vintage candlesticks to books to faux bones – if you want it, eBay has it, and at a really great price. It’s pretty much the first place I look when I need anything

Below, I’ve broken down each Halloween DIY Home Decor I did this year and linked back to all the products on eBay for easy shopping. This way you can recreate exactly what I did OR just take components of it to make Halloween extra fun this year!

OK, it’s time to share this year’s theme. Drum roll, please…


It comes from the faux bones we spraypainted – get it? It’s such a fun and different direction to take your Halloween decor (especially if you have a unicorn obsessed kid like me)!

So without further ado, let’s get into the 10 Halloween DIY Home Decor I created and the products I used!

Potion Bottles

Potion Bottles

Once you’re at this point, here are the steps for painting and styling:

Lay the bottles out in lines on top of a trash bag outside – I lined them up based on color (see photo)
Spray one quick layer on one side of the bottles – make your stokes quick and easy otherwise your bottles will end up completely covered

Let dry

Fill your bottles with varying amounts of water and add food coloring gel that matches the corresponding paint color of each bottle

So simple and pretty, right? You can easily use these bottles again for a birthday party or special event, too!

TIP: Cover your face and mouth when spray painting! I didn’t do this on day one and even though I was outside, I got sick for a few hours after my first painting session. Don’t be like me – protect yourself!

When the sunlight comes through these bottles it creates the most beautiful light. It feels so special and unique and like nothing you’ve ever seen for Halloween. Plus, they were very easy to make!

I had been saving glass juice bottles that I didn’t know what I was going to use for, but as soon as I knew I wanted to do potion bottles for Halloween, they immediately came to mind. This is why it’s great to save things and tuck them away into your craft closet because you never know when you can repurpose them!

Next, I bought a collection of antique medicine bottles (there are tons of good ones to choose from) and the perfect palette of pastel spray paint from eBay that I incorporated throughout all my DIYs.

Halloween Potion Table

I know this is totally taboo to some of you interior design folks because, yes, I spray painted brass for my Halloween DIY Home Decor. eBay has SO many brass candlesticks at amazing prices so I went for it, and ya know what? I have zero regrets. The candlesticks are vintage so they may need some old wax scraped off of them or tightened a bit, but buying secondhand like this saves you a ton of money!

Two Tone Tapers

Two-Tone Tapers

To get the two-toned look for a rainbone theme, follow these quick steps:

Lay your candlestick on a trash bag outside

Spray the top off with one color and the bottom with another – I did pink on top and purple on the bottom

Let dry

Once the first side is dry, stand the candlesticks upright to spray the second side (this will help prevent sticking and drips on the already finished side) – the colors will naturally blend which is just fine.

Top with taper candles

How to make Halloween tapers.

Stonewashed Books

Stonewashed Books
You can get vintage books on eBay for almost nothing so you can really experiment here without worrying you’re wasting a bunch of money. The only step here is to go to town with your spraypaint. I tried a few different techniques – two-toned with one side of the book one color and the other side a different color or I also did watercolor because I thought it’d be fun to let the colors bleed. There’s really no way to go wrong here, just wing it and have some fun!

An easy Halloween DIY with Glitter and Bubbles.

A spooky pastel Halloween set up on Glitter and Bubbles.

Ah, the rainbones! These bones are what inspired this whole theme so I’m excited to share the steps here!

First, you’ll want lots of Halloween bones! If you need some, check out this 28 piece set on eBay. I also bought an extra lot of skulls so I would have plenty to put around the house. Other than that, all you need is spraypaint!



Here are the steps for painting:

Lay all your bones out on black trash bags or an old black plastic tablecloth outside – this is important because whatever you use here will turn into the liner for the tablecloth I share next
Start spraying with one color and then layer. I used all 5 of my colors and LOVE how the bones turned out. The further away you are when you spray, the lighter the color will be, so keep that in mind. It’ll help you get the washed-out kind of effect you see in mine

A Halloween Rainbow Unicorn.

Rainbow Halloween Skulls on Glitter and Bubbles.



You’ve already done the bulk of the work for this one when you sprayed your bones, so this one is extra easy! All you do is take your black trash bags (I used trash bags because, hey, they were free, but you can use whatever is convenient for you!) or plastic tablecloth and line your table with them, then lay a black lace table tablecloth on top. The trash bags or plastic tablecloth is KEY because it creates a cohesive background for your lace, so don’t skip that step!

Pinit super easy! How to create the perfect Halloween tablecloth.


This cauldron turned out incredibly cute and can totally be used again for St. Patrick’s Day, so be sure to hold onto it! Here are the quick steps for putting it together:

Start with a plain black plastic cauldron

Gather the fabric you’d like to use. I used taffeta but you could use silk, tulle – anything you have on hand!

I used two layers of fabric for more texture and then created some gather by doing a wide, 3-inch basting stitch at the top

Wrap it around the caldron and hot glue it

Next, for the bubbling garland, blow up several 5-inch black, orange and fuchsia balloons

Use garland tape (this stuff is a lifesaver!) and attach your balloons to it

Once the balloons are attached, stuff the beginning of the strand into the cauldron (the balloons will hold it in place)

This will add so much beautiful texture to your tablescape and help fill it out!

Candy Charcuterie

Candy Charcuterie

I love, love, love this for a Halloween party! It’s the perfect way to serve candy at any Halloween party – for kids or adults! You could even add several more trays and separate them by chocolate, gummies, hard candy, etc. For mine, I bought this black tray and sourced some candies you don’t always see year-round from eBay like gummy teeth and eyeballs and wax lips.

5 minute diy
Candy Bags

Candy Bags

Don’t forget candy takeaway bags! I mean, you don’t want to be stuck with tons of leftover candy, so be sure to send people away with a little treat. We used simple brown treat bags and gave them a once over with the same spraypaint colors we used for the other DIYs so they would match our theme perfectly!

Let’s not forget about nature! We do live in Colorado after all, so we can’t have any decor these days that doesn’t bring the outdoors in. It’s also free, so no matter where you live, look outside and see what you can grab.

A Touch of Nature

A Touch of Nature

Think pine cones, fall leaves, wheat, twigs, etc., but always make sure to only use what you have permission to use and never disrupt nature – be kind when creating always! I clipped some prairie grass that grows by our house and painted it pink, purple and green and put it in a jar and styled it next to my potions. And wah-la! Nature and Halloween combined!

In case you haven’t seen some of Zelda’s birthday party posts, I LOVE balloons!! But man balloon installations are expensive to have professionally installed. This is where a good at-home garland kit (I used some non-traditional Halloween colors, but added some black and orange in there – use whatever color scheme works for you) comes into play. I honestly had no idea making my own balloon garland would be so easy, which was a very welcome surprise.

Spooky Balloon Garland

Spooky Garland

Let’s make some garland:

Blow up ALL your balloons – use the balloons from your kit but also blow up some additional 5-inch (I used orange, black and fuchsia) balloons to help fill in the garland even more, volume and texture are your BFF’s when creating this!

Take balloons and attach them to the garland tape your kit comes with – it’s super easy, promise! It took me about an hour to attach everything!

Use twine to install your garland in your desired location, but be sure it’s a place you can tie the twine to. If you don’t have something you can tie to, it’s going to be a challenge to hang. Trust me on this.

Once it’s tied up, go over it with this spider web and add three-dimensional bats for texture

Now it’s time for the tassel backdrop. I bought this, but you could totally make it yourself, I just didn’t have the time. All you’d have to do is cut plastic tablecloths into strips and hang them using twine. It’s literally that simple. Whether you buy or make this, layer it in behind your balloon garland to create a backdrop for the BOO banner.

Add the MERI MERI BOO banner, which comes with the honeycombs you see as well! This piece is 100% a necessity for Halloween no matter what! It’s so fun and easy to hang and creates amazing texture and dimension in your garland.


so easy to use!
Pinit just add spider web! Pink Halloween decor on Glitter and Bubbles.
Boo Balloons

Boo Balloons

This was my favorite DIY (except the rainbones of course) because they’re SO simple. Just use mylar balloons (I used 10-inch silver and 8-inch white), which are actually very inexpensive when you don’t use helium (and we don’t here). Pick yourself up one of these handy dandy balloon inflators (this is NOT optional, you may actually die trying to blow these up by mouth). Then just use black paper to cut out the ghost mouth and eyes! I literally just cut out three circles and affixed them to the balloon.

Easy peasy!

Pinit easy as 1, 2, 3 How to make a boo Balloon for Halloween.

And that’s what I’ve got going on for Halloween DIY Home Decor around our house this year! I’m so proud of it because it’s 95% DIY and it has already brought so much JOY into our home! Creating holiday decor from scratch and spending time making fun projects like these with Zelda is time well spent if you ask me. So get creative this Halloween season and spend some time with your kiddos making memories that will last forever!

I hope you enjoy these DIYs as much as we have and if you have any questions, just let me know! And stay tuned because we’ll be doing A LOT more throughout the holiday season, I’m just getting started!

Thank you to eBay for your collaboration in creating this fun holiday content that so many will find useful and create memories with!