Remember when we were kids and everyone made their Halloween costumes? I would decide what I wanted to be at the beginning of October and then my mom would work hard all month to gather the items to perfect my DIY’d costume. When I was a princess I used my Renaissance Festival hat and when I was a bag lady we traveled around to thrift stores to find my items. Times have changed and costumes have become very expensive and really fancy. This year I had big dreams for Zelda’s costumes but I wanted to do it the old school way. I wanted her Halloween costumes to be upcycled and made with love, but let’s be real. I knew I wasn’t going to have to do it so I found the perfect person to do it for me.
A toddler wearing a sparkle kitty costume from Redeux Kidz.
My girlfriend Sarah owns a company called ReDeux Kidz. You may have seen me post about her before because she has made a ton of pieces for Zelda and we are her biggest fans. She is the QUEEN of upcycling. She knows how to turn something old and used into something new and beautiful, and that is exactly what she did for us…three times! When I asked Zelda what she wanted to be for Halloween she chose a sparkle kitty. I asked Sarah to make her costume and it is the coolest sparkle kitty outfit ever. Zelda appeared on Fox News alongside some other darling babes who were rocking Halloween costumes that Sarah had also created.
Like every child, after wearing it Zelda was no longer interested in being a sparkle kitty. She began telling me she wanted to be a big horse and a blue haired mermaid — both of which weren’t happening. Selfishly, I had already asked Sarah to make two other costumes for Zelda because I wanted her to be the flower bouquet from the Spring/Summer ’18 Moschino runway show that Gigi Hadid walked as and Zelda Kaplan, who Zelda was named after. The flower bouquet costume came together with a piece of elastic wrapped around Zelda’s torso where slots were made for the florals to go into. Sarah then took a piece of white felt and cut arm holes. It was finished with a big red bow that she upcycled from a t-shirt.
A toddler wearing a Moschino runway Halloween costume from Redeux Kidz.
I’ve been waiting for Zelda to dress as Zelda Kaplan since she was born. One evening Spiro and I saw a story that Zelda Kaplan, who was a New York socialite and philanthropist, had passed away in the front row of a fashion week at the age of 95 years old. I turned to Spiro and told him that if I ever had a daughter I wanted her to embody the spirit of that woman. Prior to this, we had never really discussed children. I knew that if Zelda Kaplan felt good enough to schlep to Lincoln Center for fashion week at 95 years old in February that she had to be a warrior unicorn princess.
That night we found ourselves deep in a Google search becoming enamored with who she was as a person. I didn’t even know her but I felt this connection. Everything she represented was that of a strong, independent, fashionable woman that was always intuitive beyond her years. To embody that level of independence after having lived through so much change is admirable.
How to dress your toddler in Advanced Style Halloween costumes.
If you’ve ever seen Advanced Style you know that Ari Seth Cohen has done an amazing job of photographing women who are so much more than fashion. Zelda Kaplan wanted every girl to know her worth. It was important to her that girls realize they don’t need a man to get to where they want to be and that they can do anything on their own. We decided if we ever had a daughter we were going to name her Zelda after Zelda Kaplan, and that is exactly what we did.
Our Zelda has no middle name and people frequently think we named her after Zelda Fitzgerald (who is also fabulous) or Zelda the video game, but she is named after a lesser known yet remarkable woman. Earlier this week Ari Seth Cohen posted Zelda dressed as Zelda Kaplan on his Instagram account. This was such an honor for us and we are very excited for Zelda to be Zelda for Halloween this year.


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