Spring is coming! Warmer temperatures (however subtle they may be) and more daylight means we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We all know how hard it can be to scrape ourselves together in the mornings during winter. All the gray days start to blend together, and you just want to sit at home and chill in sweatpants. However, when you get that first taste of spring it is life changing! You instantly start to feel like yourself again and want to look your best.
This easy tutorial for hair waves is the perfect solution to your winter hair rut. It’s so simple and once you’ve done it you can easily stretch it out to last three or four days. Hair waves are also a fantastic foundation for some of my other favorite styles if you prefer to wear your hair up. All you need is texturizing hairspray and a high quality curling iron with a 1 1/4 inch barrel. Pay attention to Amanda’s curling technique because it really does make an enormous difference when it comes to hair waves.
Additionally, make sure you’re following me on Instagram! Amanda (founder of Blohaute) and I go live once a week so if you try hair waves and find you have questions, you can hop on and ask us!

Spring is a wonderful time to update your hair products along with your “daily habits”. There are so many simple things you can do to give yourself a little extra “oomph”. Here are three things that work when my hair is asking for some extra love.
1. Change Your Part: I don’t why or how but a couple of years ago I randomly began parting my hair to the right after years of wearing it down the center. A few weeks ago, I styled my hair with a center part and forgot how much I loved it! I wore my hair with the same part for over 750 days, how many days have you been wearing the same part? Do you and your part need to have a little one on one time? This is such an easy change and it makes a dramatic difference.
2. Invest in A New Hair Tool: You know how fabulous it feels to walk out of the house in a new pair of shoes and it’s the same feeling when you invest in an awesome hair tool! I jumped on the Dyson train last year and purchased the Dyson Super Sonic. It’s the hairdryer you probably saw and thought to yourself, “Is it really worth $400 fu*king dollars?!” Well my friends, after living with this little dreamboat for over a year I can tell you it is more than worth it!
3. Add A Bit of Color: I think there is a fine line when jumping on the color train as an adult. However, there are ways of doing it! When exploring the world of safe and temporary color for Zelda (you may have seen our Power of Pink Hair post), I discovered Arctic Fox Semi Permanent Hair Color. This easy to use color is easy to apply at home and vanishes after a few washes. Offered in a variety of subtle and lovely colors like periwinkle and virgin pink, this is a fun way to change your look for a few days!