First things first, a HUGE congrats to Gwen Hefner, who had a beautiful baby girl yesterday on her husband’s birthday at the EXACT same time he was born. That has to mean something good — welcome to the world Domino Mae!
A few years ago I met Gwen Hefner at Go Blog Social in Kansas City and I’ve been following her journey ever since. For those not familiar, Gwen is the voice behind The Makerista, a blog that follows her adventures in interior design and life with her family of four — soon to be five! I love pouring over her posts when I need a dose of decorating inspiration, her home is absolutely dreamy.
This is a rad mom post by Glitter and Bubbles featuring The Makersita (Gwen Hefner).
When she’s not blogging or renovating her 1980’s colonial with husband Micah, she’s hanging with her two babes Xander and Milly, singing at church or relishing in that much needed quiet time by watching some British television (her fave!). I think we can all relate to needing those few moments of silence, no matter how fleeting they may be! Follow her home renovation and interior decorating journey on Instagram.
This illustration details all of Rad Mom & The Makerista, Gwen Hefner's favorite things.
Illustration by The Unexpected Type
Little’s Names & Ages: Xander 7, Milly 4, one due in a few weeks TBD.
How You Keep Your Sanity Being a Pregnant Mom While Running the Blog: I’m not sure. I really need both because they fulfill me in very different ways. I don’t know that sanity is reality (ask my husband) but juggling both feels like living to me.
Give Us a Glimpse into the Timeline of an Average Day: The days are all a bit different, but my alarm goes off at 7:30am every morning and I spend the first 15 minutes doing devotional and prayer. It definitely helps keep me more focused and purposeful throughout the day. During the week I check emails and social media on my phone, and then get the kids up, dressed and make breakfast. While they eat I get myself ready and Xander hops on the bus. I take Milly to preschool three mornings a week. This is when I try to get most of my computer work done for the day, be it emailing, sourcing, or writing posts.
I pick Milly up at 12:30pm and we run errands, do housework, or style and shoot posts. I say “we” because that girl can’t be away from me for more than 10 minutes when we’re home. It’s doesn’t always make things go quickly, but she loves to be around and it’s fun to teach her. Her favorite is playing photographer and I always let her take some photos of her own at the end of a shoot. Xander gets home around 4:30pm. I get him a snack, talk about his day and try to get any homework finished.  Micah zips in from work and back out to go to crossfit and I try to start some sort of dinner.
I’m usually editing photos or writing while the kids play and dinner cooks. I like to eat as a family, so we sit down around 6:45pm when Micah gets home. Right now evenings are spent renovating a sunroom into my office and this baby’s nursery. Typically Micah keeps at it while I put the kids down around 9pm and then I spend the rest of the night catching up on emails and social media. Day to day is an unbalanced mix of domestication, design, motherhood, and computer work, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Top Beauty Product You Must Have as a Mom: My Night Pillow…I’ve never slept so well or had better hair and skin when I got up.
Favorite Piece of Baby Gear You Can’t Wait to Try: I loved the Rock n’ Play with my daughter and hope to pick up the one that actually rocks for you for this baby.
Most Coveted Piece in Each of the Kid’s Rooms: Poor Milly hasn’t had her room decorated since we moved in (other than the artwork she’s taped to her walls herself) but I still really love Xander’s huge gallery wall.  It’s filled with personal pieces and art that starts lots of great conversations and story-telling.
If You Had A $1000 to Spend On Yourself You Would Buy: Right now I’d love to go somewhere. I can’t with the baby so close to coming, but I’d love to get away for a few days…travel is so inspiring.
Activity You Love to do With Your Kids: It’s different for both of them…I love working on projects and crafts with Xander, and Milly really enjoys watching Murder She Wrote with me before bed. Yes, she’s four.
Your Secret Obsession When You Get an Hour to Yourself: Watching British period pieces, specifically mysteries, which is not a total secret to people who know me, but it’s what I love to do by myself. I’m constantly taking screenshots on the iPad for interior inspiration and color combinations that feel fresh.
Closet Staple That You Can’t Live Without: Paige denim black jeans — when I’m not pregnant I wear them almost daily.
Your Favorite Holiday Dessert Recipe: For Christmas every year I make Coconut Joys. They’re a family tradition. If you love coconut, these are amazing and really simple, plus they last in the fridge for quite some time so you can make them ahead for parties and gatherings.