I don’t know how your mornings go but for us it goes something like this:

1. Eat breakfast.

2. Lots of little laughs.

3. A few episodes of Go, Diego, Go!

4. Get dressed.

5. Cue the all out, drop down, crazy screaming battle when I try to brush and style Zelda’s hair.

Mother daughter Goody hair.

Zelda doesn’t get fussy about much, except for when it comes to her hair. After watching countless crocodile tears run down her face, I decided I had to solve this problem. I want her to enjoy doing her hair as much as I did when I was a little girl. The tears usually start to fall the moment I pull out her hairbrush, so I went on a quest to find her something magical. After a ton of testing, I think I finally found the one – the Goody Ouchless Brush. It looks like a regular hairbrush but glides through her hair smoothly and has cut her tears in half, which is a major accomplishment.

Goody hair brush

We all have Goody hair memories from childhood and my most treasured recollection is carrying my Goody hairbrush in my backpack. When I was younger, I was taught that I needed to brush one hundred strokes per day. I was never told why — I think it was probably because my parents just really wanted me to brush my hair (and it made me feel beautiful, so that was a plus). I carried my hairbrush everywhere I went.

Goody rainbow hair ties.

I wasn’t allowed to share my hairbrush with anyone else at school because of the dreaded four letter word (LICE!). I never forgot my hairbrush and even if it meant running back up the hill from the bus stop, I always had it with me. It’s the only thing I would ever run up the hill for – I certainly wasn’t running up the hill to grab any forgotten homework.

Zelda's hairstyles with Goody.

I love that I am passing Goody onto Zelda and someday she will have these treasured memories. It’s funny how these things never really change, when something is good it is good. Which means I have to ask you, what’s your Goody memory?

Goody hair on a toddler.