While looking through do it yourself projects on Pinterest is fun, not everyone has the time (or capabilities) to pull them off (see a list of failed DIY’s here). Since I am nowhere close to being a DIY master, my mentality is the easier, the better! I decided to tackle these glitter mason jars and use them throughout Zelda’s nursery. These also make great centerpieces for any special occasion, I would love to see them at a shabby chic wedding! To make these you will need a medium sized brush, modge podge, mason jars, and glitter (I’m obsessed with this pack from Martha Stewart). IMG_9931Pour the modge podge into the jar. You want to use enough so that the bottom is no longer visible (about 1/2 inch). IMG_9945 Sprinkle the glitter over the modge podge, I used approximately 2 tablespoons. IMG_9949Using the brush, mix together the modge podge and the glitter. You want to make sure that the glitter is evenly dispersed throughout the modge podge. Next, using your hands, tilt the jar so that the modge podge covers all sides. Try to avoid using the brush to spread the mixture, this will cause streaks to form when it dries. IMG_9952 IMG_9956 Once the jar is evenly coated, flip it over. This will allow any excess mixture to drip out. After approximately 1 hour, flip the jar back over and allow it to dry (this could take over 24 hours). IMG_0525Using a brush, coat the interior of the mason jars with a thin layer of modge podge and allow it to dry. This will seal the interior. Once they are done drying you can fill them with water and flowers and disperse them throughout your home! IMG_0539IMG_0551IMG_0580