A few weeks ago, I did a segment on WCIU You & Me This Morning that covered Chic Technology.  While searching for the perfect tech accessories that were both fashionable and functional I came across a ton of glitter chargers. I thought why buy one, when you can make one?! To make this you need a medium sized brush, modge podge, and glitter.
Start out by separating both parts of the charger. Cover the plug side in modge podge and then sprinkle glitter around the sides.
Once the sides are covered, allow any excess glitter to fall off. To avoid getting glitter stuck inside the docking hole, dab the base in the excess glitter.
Repeat this process with the docking connector.
Once dry, brush a thin layer of modge podge over the device to seal the glitter. If your household is anything like mine, you have just ended the war of the chargers. Your man will no longer want to steal it!
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