As you probably saw over on Instagram, we are officially residents of Aspen, Colorado. And from the heart of a big city to the mountains, which means from a condo to an actual house. It’s basically a dream come true because I no longer live on the 30th floor of a high rise, but instead in a very spacious single family home. I mean, I have serious space for the first time in my adult life, so I cannot wait to decorate for the holidays this year!

How to decorate your house for Halloween with eBay and Glitter and Bubbles. Zelda of Glitter and Bubbles works on a fun Halloween DIY.

I have so many amazing memories growing up decorating with my mom and I’m really looking forward to making those same memories with Zelda. The first holiday we’ll be in our new home for is Halloween, but because of being on the Greece trip until October 10, I didn’t have tons of time to prep for it. I decided this was OK though because it allows me to ease my way into it instead of overwhelming myself.

Because I’m keeping things a little simpler, I decided the perfect place to start would be with our living room mantle. Last year my friend, The Makerista, created this vintage Halloween tablescape that has been on my mind ever since I saw it. Isn’t it insane? I’m obsessed. It’s something fun, easy and not too time consuming, so I’ve decided to recreate it.

An easy mantel Halloween DIY with Glitter and Bubbles and eBay. Making magic potion with colored water for Halloween.

Here’s the thing though, living in a small town like Aspen, I don’t have a ton of stores accessible to me. And to be frank, I don’t have time to run around everywhere looking for vintage brass candlesticks, netting and faux bones. Naturally, I turned to eBay.

If you know me at all, you know I pretty much consider myself the queen of eBay. I have sold over a million luxury items, and know the platform inside and out. So, this mama poured herself a glass of wine, curled up with my laptop and curated a spooktacular Halloween-themed tablescape in less than 30 minutes – all from the comfort of a boat 6,000 miles away on vacation – no frantic stores involved.

An easy DIY Halloween mantel by Glitter and Bubbles.


A stack of Halloween black books with a large spider.

I’d like to take all the credit, but the truth is eBay is just that awesome. Did you know at any given time there are approximately 1.1 billion listings for sale on eBay? Needless to say, it’s like an endless treasure trove. Especially when it comes to home and garden, the vintage finds are insane. From the brass candlestick to antique medicine bottles to black tapered candles, I found it all on eBay for less than you would pay in a retail store. The best part is the pieces are all genuine (aside from the bones of course) giving the mantle a super eery real feel.

Now, if you’ve never shopped on eBay before or if you feel a little intimidated, not to worry. I’ve got three hot tips for you. I guarantee they’ll save you money and time.

Zelda wears a costume by ReDEUX Kids for Halloween.

1. Make an Offer

If the “Make an Offer” option is available on the listing, ALWAYS make a reasonable offer. If the seller has enabled this feature it means they are willing to accept less than the asking price. It’s the perfect opportunity to get an amazing deal!

2. Use the Filters

If you have specific requirements for what you’re shopping for, don’t hesitate to use the filters. I like to use the “Guaranteed Delivery” search option to adjust the date to when I need my item by. This will narrow your search only to the items that are available to be received by your deadline. Because there’s nothing worse than falling in love something only to discover it can’t be delivered on time.

3. Get Specific

If you are searching for candlesticks, use the most specific wording possible so the results give you exactly what you’re looking for. For example, I needed candlesticks for my Halloween tablescape, but I didn’t want “new” candlesticks. I wanted them to be vintage and brass so I searched “vintage brass candlesticks“. This way I didn’t have to waste time sifting through items that were not relevant.

And don’t forget it’s just as easy to sell on eBay, so if you like to change up your decor frequently (holiday or otherwise), make sure to sell what you’re no longer loving. Then you can turn around and use the cash you make to further your home decor shopping.

That’s it! Super Simple! This is the perfect way to create something unique to celebrate the holidays. I hope these tips help and you feel inspired to hop on eBay and get started curating your own Halloween home decor and for the upcoming season!

Zelda of Glitter and Bubbles dresses as SIA for Halloween.


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