When we got wind that Compassion Brands was launching a new apparel line called Generation Kind, with messages to help the fight against bullying, we couldn’t wait to get on board.  Rockin’ tee’s that shout “Don’t Be A Bully” and “Strong is the New Pretty” are just a few ways this progressive company is helping girls take a stand against their own “Regina George” (more about that later).  dont-be-a-bullyIn today’s social media world where fashion can do the talking for you, this new line of cutie tees not only get the message across loud and clear, but also comes with a friendship bracelet and unique tag that includes a teen hotline number for anyone seeking help or advice against bullying. Seriously…we are amazed!born-to-be-niceThe Generation Kind collection is now available at exclusive retailer Target, online and in stores, for Juniors and Juniors Plus. The Girls line will be available soon. T-shirt prices range from $12.99-$16.99.  It’s also the first fashion company to launch retail collections that stand up to bullying. The brand incorporates details of its partnering teen crisis center on all product and packaging, offering kids help in real time as they shop.