Moving has its highs and lows, but one of the highs, at least for me, is the opportunity to decorate. Coming from Chicago, we didn’t really have tons of extra space, but in Aspen, it’s a totally different story. I mean, we have a TV room! Like a room just for lounging and hanging out. Needless to say, this is definitely not something we had in Chicago and it’s been a great space for our family to spend time together.

When it came to decorating the TV room, I wanted it to feel very cozy and homey. I wanted it to be a welcoming space where we and guests could retreat to, to cuddle up and watch movies or play board games, etc. That said, I like a simple, more minimal style so I didn’t want to get too crazy with the decor and clutter the room up. I also knew I wanted a way to display lots of family photos without having frames sitting out all over the room.

The solution? A gallery wall! But not just any gallery wall. I purposefully made it very uniform and linear as to stick with my more minimal, clean lines kind of vibe. So if you’ve been looking for some inspiration for a similar project in your house, let me break down how I put everything together and share details of the rest of the room.


Creating a Fresh and Clean Gallery Wall

Before I did anything, I decided on the size and style of the frame. I chose to get the same frame for every photo to keep that uniform look. I was afraid if I mixed and matched it would start to look too eclectic, which I didn’t want.

The frame I chose is this really beautiful 11×14 inch brushed gold option from Crate & Barrel. I love the style and that it’s not too busy. It’s available in several different color combinations, so whatever you’re looking for, they more than likely have it.

Choose the Photos

Select photos that make everyone in your family feel happy. You want this wall to spark some serious joy, so use the best of best (according to everyone in the family) when it comes to choosing your photos. Also, when you go to print them, get it done professionally! I cannot stress this enough. If you get them printed from a cheap kiosk, I’m telling you, you’ll be able to tell. Especially if you’re spending money on good frames, don’t skimp on the prints.

This is where I get all our photos professionally printed. They’re out of Chicago, but you can upload your photos to their website and they ship them right to you. I’ve been ordering from them for years and they’re by far the best quality photos I’ve ever seen.

Lastly, my biggest hot design tip for choosing your gallery wall photos is to actually print DOUBLE what you need. Not two of each photo, but more like if you need 12 photos, choose 24 and have them all printed. Then when you’re hanging your wall, slip an extra photo in each frame so when you’re tired of the original photos in six months, you have immediate replacements. This works really well if you like to swap things out with the seasons. You’ll thank me later for this one, trust me.


Paint the Gallery Wall an Accent Color

Make your gallery wall pop! Before we painted, all our walls were just a neutral cream color. When I decided to do a gallery wall, I didn’t want the mat of the frame to be the same color as the wall, so I decided to paint the one wall.

As for the color, we actually had it left over from painting an accent gallery wall in Zelda’s room. We loved it so much we decided to go for it in the TV room too. The color is Sherwin Williams Inkwell SW 6992 in satin/eggshell, which is the perfect black in my opinion. It really stands out nicely against the cream color of the rest of the walls.


Measure, Mark, Repeat!

Don’t let the hanging part scare you away from doing a gallery wall. All it takes is a little planning, measuring and marking. First, arrange everything on the floor before even thinking about the wall. Once you have your design down, grab a level and start marking and measuring. I used this electronic level. It projects a laser line onto the wall so you can really see the line before hammering anything. It also finds your studs, live wires and has a built-in marker, which is very helpful.

Have patience and it’ll turn out perfect, I promise!

Other Details of the Room

To really cozy up the room, we knew we had to get an oversized sectional. Let me tell you, it was 100% worth the price! This thing is the center of the space. It’s so comfortable and the color hides everything. And when you have a four-year-old, that’s the equivalent of hitting a home run. It’s from Blu Dot and I couldn’t recommend it more.


All of the pillows you see are from Lulu and Georgia, and wow, I could go crazy on that site. Obviously I kind of did in the pillow section, as you can see, but for good reason. The quality is just beyond exceptional. They might be a bit pricey at around $100 each, but if you went into a specialty store looking for the same thing, you’d easily pay double. So if you’ve been wondering about Lulu and Georgia, their stuff is out of this world.


Ahh, I’ve gotten so many questions about this rug! I’m sorry to say it’s sold out, but I can tell you it is from the Pottery Barn Emily & Meritt Collection. I would keep your eyes peeled because you never know when it might get restocked or other, similar options become available.


Of course we had to have the Aspen Style coffee table book because do you even live in Aspen if you don’t have this somewhere in your house? And to add in some sculptural interest, I snagged this Waterford vase.

At the end of the day, what I really wanted from this space was a place where I could give life to some of the amazing memories we’ve captured over the years. And I think this modern gallery wall was the perfect way to do it. Between the cozy furniture and carefully curated decor, I know we’re going to continue to love this TV room for years to come!

Let me know if you guys are needing links to anything else or if you have any other questions about my process of putting this room together. I have so many more installs and room details coming your way, so get ready! And if you put together your own gallery wall, please share a photo with me via email or Instagram DM!

Photo Credit: Hallie Duesenberg