I know we’re over here still putting ourselves back together from the holidays—but they aren’t over! Zelda and I are so excited that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we have a sweet surprise in store for all of her friends. We can’t wait to pass out these Fruit Loops Valentines, they are so cute and easy to make!valentines-daydiy-suppliesMATERIALS

Flat Heart Cards

Clear Restaurant Sauce Containers + Lids (We found ours at Smart & Final)

Washi Tape

Pull-Apart Redvines

Fruit Loops

Pen or Marker

Optional: Gold Letter or Heart Stickersstickers-and-fruit-loopsDIRECTIONS

1. Start by pulling apart the Redvines and placing two into each container. Then, fill the rest of the containers to the brim with Fruit Loops. Watch out for broken ones! We made sure to replace any that were broken; otherwise they won’t slide onto the Redvines.

2. After each cup is filled and the lid is placed on, flip the cup over and secure a loop of washi tape on the bottom. This will secure it to the heart card.

3. Turn over your cups onto the centers of the heart cards. Then, add any sticker you please! We used the top left corners to write our messages. We kept it even simpler by writing “Love, Zelda” on all of our Valentines! That way you don’t have to match up names to littles and can hand them out as freely as possible.zelda-fruit-loopslove-zelda2