Entertaining On A Budget

Who doesn’t love the idea of having your friends over to your Pinterest perfect home for a delicious fun-filled Friendsgiving? You are most likely thinking that sounds great, but I don’t have a “Pinterest Perfect Home”  Yes, girl, I hear you, neither do I! With a Kindergartener that runs the coop, I typically find my days filled with navigating one mess to the next.  Aside from a clean home, there are so many “pricey” factors to entertaining for a holiday like the tablescape, food, drinks, and what can feel like a forever list.

Not to worry because I have created a Friendsgiving DIY Tablescape that will fit the smallest of budgets and spaces! If you don’t have plates, silverware, a tablecloth, or even know how to cook, I have you covered! Entertaining should always come from a place of love and excitement; you get to open your home to your favorite to make forever memories. If the process has you stressed, it’s not worth it! Follow this Friendsgiving flow, and you will be hosting in no time!

Pick A Theme and Palette

Before you dive in, you want to pick a theme or color palette; this is important, so your selections stay channeled and relevant. I knew for Friendsgiving, that I wanted to use a rose gold and white color palette to keep the overall table and setup light and airy. One might expect something more conventional like harvest colors, but the beautiful part of entertaining at your home is that you can do WHAT YOU WANT! There are no rules, let your creativity take over and do something you’re excited about!

When selecting a “theme” it doesn’t have to be super cheesy, it can be subtle and severe almost as an unexpected surprise for your guests. I came across this Bingo set and thought it could be such a fun game to play while we all sit around the table. Who doesn’t love BINGO!

My theme was born: Rose Gold Friendsving BINGO! 


A great way to cover a table to match any color or theme is with kraft paper. Tablecloths can be very pricey, and this is a way to cover your table cleanly. You can see how I layered three pieces to cover the entire width of my table. Once you add a center runner, the lines will be hidden.

Place Setting Cards:

Instead of place setting cards, I decided to script the name of each guest. Before you add the names, you will want to layout your table for perfect placement.



For the dishware I went with plastic, yes you heard me, PLASTIC! I want to make a disclaimer before we jump into my selections, as this turned into a pretty heated topic on social media. These plastics are high-quality plastic that can be used multiple times. If you choose only to use them once, that is your personal decision, but they are intended for multiple time use. One time use plastics are harmful to the environment, and it’s essential to understand the impact of consumption.

Plastic can be an excellent option for a variety of reasons. The most common is not having the dishware that you need to entertain. If you are living in a small city space, don’t regularly entertain, hosting a large group, or you don’t have the pieces you want to create the look you are trying to achieve.

Place Setting Details: 

Add a BINGO card and dauber to each place setting. I positioned mine perfectly under their name and attached it with a piece of washi. For the Bingo Daubers, you can create your mixture, so it matches the table perfectly.

Geode Napkin Rings!
Make These For .50 Each!

I shared these DIY Geode Napkin rings on Instagram Stories, and everyone went crazy for them! Can you believe that these are only .50 each to make, yes you read that correctly, you can make two for $1.00! Not only are they perfect for a tablescape, but they can make an excellent gift for friends. I have a step by step DIY you can check out here.

Aspen Candle Centerpiece

I love to incorporate Nature into my projects anytime it’s possible. With nature, you have to get creative and think outside the box. I was at a friend’s house the other day, and when walking to my car, I spotted the most beautiful Aspen tree branch. When I picked it up, I immediately envisioned it as a candle holder and knew it would be the perfect centerpiece for my Friendsgiving tablescape.

Only three simple steps to create this candleholder:  

Plane The Bottom

After you find the perfect branch for your table, it’s going to need a bit of work before it makes its debut. The first step is to smooth out what will be the bottom of your candle holder. With a saw, you will plane the bottom of the branch, so it sits perfectly flush to the table. The branch mustn’t roll in even the slightest as it’s a fire hazard.

Drill Your Taper Holes

I wanted my piece to hold five classic taper candles, but this is your choice. Depending on the size of your branch, you will want to measure and mark your desired layout before involving the drill.

For a classic 3/4 in taper candle, you will need a 20mm spade bit for your drill. This bit is how you create a perfect and clean hole. I drilled approx 1 inch deep so the candle could fit securely.

TIP: When you drill your hole, it’s imperative that the branch is entirely secure so it does not shift or move while you are drilling.

Add The Candles

You are ready to add your candles, and I suggest No Drip Tapers, so the wax does not drip on your piece as they burn. Make sure that they fit tight and straight with no movement.

BAM! It’s that simple. 

Dress Your Space: 

A great way to dress out space and pull together your table setting is with a balloon garland. Balloons are a great way to dress up and fill space when executed correctly. While ballons pre-made garlands can get rather pricey, if you are willing to set aside a couple of hours, you can DIY your own, and it’s SO simple!

I wanted to create a “cloud” effect above my table to pull together and finish out my tablescape.


balloon garland

For my balloons, I chose a predominately white palette and incorporated rose gold, transparent, and metallic confetti-filled balloons.  To build the actual garland, I use garland tape. The process is so simple that anyone can do it!

Get creative with your space, build an arch, trim a window or table; the options are endless. Just make sure you chose a sophisticated pallette for the balloons if it’s for an adult event to keep the overall look elevated.

Now All You Have To Do Is Cook! 

Your space is set, and you are ready, now you need to fill that table with food! Stay tuned because I will be sharing my Famous Greek Meal that will leave all your friends in awe! Happy Holidays. XO-