13 Dreadfully Delicious Halloween Recipes

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a collection of spooky snacks! These thirteen tempting Halloween recipes will make your ghoulish gathering extra special. The best part? Zelda taste tested every recipe! Sweet Z loves this time of year and we’ve been having so much fun in the kitchen. Her favorite Halloween recipes to make? The Scary Monster Cookies and the cheese plate! Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see both because they are super cute. Will you try any of these dreadfully delicious Halloween recipes? Tell us in the comments below! 

Simple Halloween recipes for min coffin sandwiches.

Mini Coffin Sandwiches

Exercising your culinary creativity doesn’t always mean spending hours in the kitchen – especially when making lunch for your back to school babes. These adorable sandwiches are so simple! 

A delicious Halloween recipe for Monster Eyeball Tacos.

Scary Monster Nacho Tacos

When are tacos not appropriate? You can make the turkey meatballs the night before and save them for assembly the next day!

A simple recipe for pumpkin muffins.

Mini Pumpkin Muffins

My little is obsessed with mini muffins so I knew we had to take a break from her go-to blueberry and upgrade for autumn with mini pumpkin muffins. They were a huge hit!

How to eat Halloween layer cake like a toddler.

Trick-or-Treat Layer Cake

Trust us, this trick-or-treat layer cake is NOT a trick! Making a four layer cake with a toddler doesn’t sound like the simplest task, but it is surprisingly manageable. 

A simple recipe for witch bark.

Witch Bark

This no bake recipe is such a fun little holiday DIY. Feel free to experiment with the toppings – the sky is the limit.

Spooky candy sprinkle chips.

Spooky Candy Sprinkle Chips

I always appreciate a simple recipe, especially when it combines my two favorite tastes – salty and sweet.

Halloween cheese and crackers.

The Ultimate Halloween Cheese Plate

Grab your favorite ghost cookie cutter and a few Halloween themed picks! This cheese plate is so good it’s scary. 

An easy recipe for pumpkin dip.

Pumpkin Dip

 This delicious treat is perfect for after school and they’ll love it when you serve it to them in a halved and hollowed out pumpkin – practical and Pinterest-worthy!

A quick recipe for spooky mummy sandwiches.

Spooky Mummy Sandwiches

These are super cute and if you can make a regular sandwich you can make these.

A recipe for homemade monster pizza.

Scary Monster Pizza

This is one weekend activity the whole family will enjoy!  It was almost as much fun making the pizza as it was eating it. 

A fun Halloween Cookie Puzzle recipe.

Halloween Cookie Puzzle

From cutting out the shapes to mixing up the homemade frosting, this Cookie Puzzle provides hours of yummy entertainment.

Non-alcoholic kid friendly witch's potion punch.

Witch’s Potion Punch

Pop the ingredients in the blender and pour! It takes under 10 minutes to make both drinks.

Scary Monster Cookies

Scary Monster Cookies

Pre-measure the ingredients and allow your little to pour them in the bowl! Once the cookies are baked, let the decorating begin. 

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