This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Noshi Food Paint. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you follow our morning adventures on Instagram, you know that Pancakes are on heavy rotation. A favorite of Zelda’s she requests them 2-3 times a week, and we even work them into her lunchbox on Friday’s for “Breakfast For Lunch.” While we have made them more fun with color, the truth is they get a bit boring with syrup day after day. We are always trying to find ways to jazz them up, from using our overripe bananas, jelly, powdered sugar, etc. I am always on the lookout for a great alternative to what we are already using. Recently we discovered Noshi Food Paint available at Walmart.

Noshi Food Paint is not only is it wildly delicious, but Zelda also flipped out over adding it to her meals! Imagine being told; it was “Ok To Play With Your Food!” Made from organic fruit puree with no added sugar, salt, or preservatives. Perfectly packaged, your kids can easily add fun fruity color to their food with no mess. From writing their name across toast in the morning to adding eyes to their chicken for dinner, It will quickly become the most used condiment in your fridge. Available in three different edible colors: Red (Strawberry), Yellow (Peach), and Purple/Blue (Blueberry).

Kids In The Kitchen:

I believe it’s essential for our kids to be actively involved in the kitchen. While at times it might slow down your cooking process a bit, leave a little extra mess to clean up, and 576 Mom Mom Mom Mom’s will be involved. Slow down a bit to provide them with priceless knowledge and quality family time together. Kids eat better when they are involved in prepping their meals. The kitchen is a place that offers confidence, comprehension, math skills, and allows them to develop a keen and genuine interest in food. Allow them to get involved and excited! 


I did not grow up in the kitchen and found myself lost when it came to knowledge about food and cooking as I got older. I vowed to myself last year that I was going to break this habit and commit to the kitchen. Zelda has been by my side for the cooking journey, and I can personally attest to the value it brings to the family. Anytime Zelda can assist, she lends a hand, makes place cards themed for the meals, and the favorite part of her week is always “Family Dinners.” I understand that life is busy and might not always allow the opportunity to cook.  Noshi Food Paint is an easy way to let them be involved, and their creativity run wild! 

Noshi Food Paint!
Zelda’s Perfect Pancakes:

When making pancakes over the weekend, Zelda had the idea to add the Noshi Food Paint after we put them on the griddle. Brilliant! After a couple of different attempts, we finally NAILED IT! with the swirl technique. The key is to swirl the Noshi around the pancake before you flip it, ultimately giving you a fruit puree center! Zelda was so proud of herself after perfecting the pancake, and so was I! 


Fruity Cupcakes:

Since we were on a roll, we decided to keep it going with cupcakes for Zelda’s class party this week and WOW! We did it again. Going to the same idea of adding the fruit puree to the center, we made vanilla cupcakes with a fruity center. We filled the cupcake liners halfway, and then a squirted a bit of Noshi and then filled the remainder with batter. If you want to make them extra-fruity after you remove them from the oven and they are cooled slit the top and squirt a little extra inside before icing! 

We wanted to give a bit of color to our buttercream icing, so we added Blueberry Noshi instead of food coloring. Get creative and experiment with your kids in the kitchen; everything tastes better made with love!  

While we are on the topic of love, Noshi Food Paint has committed to giving back a portion of profits to No Kid Hungry. They are a wonderful non-profit organization working to end child hunger in America today. Another reason it’s worth loving Noshi Food Paint!

Now go make your food your canvas! 

Thank you to Noshi Food Paint for your collaboration in creating this content that so many will find useful and create memories with!