Being a working mom is extremely difficult and if someone tells you that it’s not, they’re most likely lying to you. I have moments where I’m kicking ass, I’m on top of the world, I’m being the best mom and I’m performing well at work, and then I have other days where I feel like I’m failing at everything. My hormones never quite re-balanced to where they were pre-baby, but I’m starting to learn that this is just the way it is. What I have discovered over the past year is that traveling is the best way to relieve stress, guilt and bond with Zelda. We travel a lot together and I can tell you the memories we make on our trips are some of the best times we have.
I love being nanny free, I know that sounds crazy to a lot of you, but for me a nanny is more of a necessity because I work. It’s not something I have just because I’m able to or just because I want to. It’s because I need someone that is a stable figure in my daughter’s life on a day to day basis. When I get to leave our nanny behind and just be “mom” all day it makes for some amazing bonding time!
A few weeks ago, after our family trip to Jamaica, a lot of people reached out to me and asked if it was difficult flying with a toddler and if I had any tips I could share. I can tell you that traveling is extremely easy for us, I know every child is different, but kids feed off the energy that you give them. If you do a few things right (the things that are within your control) it really helps set the tone for the trip.
The key to flying with a toddler.
Now that Zelda is over two years old, she is required have her own seat on the airplane. I do not bring a car seat on the plane because it’s way too bulky. Depending on where we travel, sometimes I will bring one and check it. When I go to New York we leave the car seat at home, it is legal – don’t freak out. It’s a personal choice of mine because lugging a car seat around a busy city is difficult. BUT when we travel somewhere a little slower or we have a rental car, I always bring our car seat. Don’t be afraid — you can purchase a bag, they’re only $13, and then it’s easy to check it like a piece of luggage.
Traveling with a toddler.
We also have a stroller that breaks down (a must) that I use to push Zelda through the airport. I do not allow her to walk because it is very difficult and adds an unnecessary layer of stress. I also always pack a bag for her to bring on the flight filled with new items she hasn’t seen before. This does not need to be expensive! I typically bring new snacks, maybe a slinky, some stickers, a new game and her iPad. This usually gets us through the entire flight with no issues.
Flying with a toddler.
If something does go awry, you must ALWAYS remember it’s up to you to bring it back in. You’re in control and nothing is the end of the world! If people around you are giving you eye rolls because your child is crying on the plane, who cares?! I’m sure you can roll your eyes at them for one hundred different reasons. So just worry about yourself and your kid, and you’ll have the best trip ever!

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