Halloween 2018: Zelda AKA SIA

It’s that time of year again and I am very excited, to say the least. You know what I’m talking about – the leaves are falling, pumpkins are on porches and Zelda is getting ready to wow in this year’s Halloween costume. I tend to go overboard with her costume, but I can’t help myself, especially when I have a friend who is one of the most talented costume makers I know!

I’m talking about my dear friend Sarah from ReDeux Kidz! She is the absolute queen of up-cycling. There is no one who can take a garment that someone would normally throw away and turn it into the most amazing masterpiece. She truly is an artist and has a heart of gold.

A toddler wearing a sparkle kitty costume from Redeux Kidz.

Sarah has been making Zelda’s Halloween costumes for a few years now and I couldn’t help but go back to her again this year. She’s seriously a magician! You might remember Zelda’s costumes (yes, I did more than one) from last year when she dressed up first as a sparkle kitty and was part of a feature about ReDeux Kidz on Fox News. I also had Sarah create a second costume where Zelda was dressed as Gigi Hadid walking the Moschino runway. It came together flawlessly.

Gigi Hadid MoschinoAnd last but certainly not least, Sarah made Zelda a Zelda Kaplan costume. Zelda Kaplan was a New York City socialite, humanitarian and philanthropist, and our Zelda is named after her. I’ve been waiting since the day Zelda was born to dress her up like Mrs. Kaplan. The costume by Sarah was spot on!

How to dress your toddler in Advanced Style Halloween costumes.

Anyway, you probably get the picture. I’m obsessed with Halloween, Zelda loves dreaming up costume ideas and Sarah brings them to life flawlessly. This year, though, I challenged Sarah quite a bit. I’m only doing one costume so it had to be GOOD. You probably guessed by the title that it’s SIA.

Zelda of Glitter and Bubbles dresses up as SIA for Halloween.

How did this idea come about? Zelda’s favorite song in the whole world is “Move Your Body” by SIA. We listened to it all summer long and both Zelda and I know every last word. The girl is obsessed. So Sarah put together the most epic SIA costume for us, and per usual, she did not disappoint. I mean, I die!! I absolutely die!! It’s soooo good and Zelda loves it.

Zelda of Glitter and Bubbles dresses as SIA for Halloween.

If you’re interested in a little DIY project and making your own SIA costume for Halloween, here are some instructions directly from Sarah:

“I found a boys vintage tuxedo and reworked it down to fit miss Zelda! I tapered and shortened the legs. I removed the tails off the back of the jacket and reattached them to the front of the jacket to give a more avant-garde feel to the whole look! I made her black oversized bow out of a piece of vintage, black vinyl fabric I found at an estate sale and attached it to a black headband.”

Zelda shows off her Halloween costume.

Or if you prefer someone to make your kids’ costumes for you like me, reach out to Sarah! And she doesn’t just do Halloween costumes, she can do a little bit of everything. The girl has so much freaking talent.

Zelda wears a costume by ReDEUX Kids for Halloween.

What are you planning for costumes this year? Whatever it is, Zelda and I would like to wish everyone a super fun and safe Halloween!

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