Olivela: Shopping for a Cause in Aspen

I’m always on the hunt for that perfect retail space that speaks to me. You know the kind of place I’m talking about? Where it feels like the store was curated specifically for you and they have lots of options but it doesn’t feel crowded. I have been searching for this kind of place ever since moving to Aspen in October and although I have found some gems, Olivela spoke to my soul.

Corri McFadden stands outside of Olivela in Aspen, Colorado.

Olivela just opened their second boutique in Aspen in December (their first was in Nantucket for the summer), so the timing was perfect with me moving to town. This shop is probably going to get me into trouble because it is literally everything I look for. I feel like they have developed such a special concept and have an amazing business on their hands. Not only is the space absolutely stunning, but the store felt like it was made for me, which I’m sure is a feeling most women get when they walk in.

Corri McFadden in Aspen.


Moncler ankle boots from Olivela on Corri McFadden's winter luxury must haves list.

From the wall of sunglasses to the perfect boots, heels and handbags, it’s accessory heaven. The best part though? Even with having so much, it’s not an overwhelming shopping experience. With it being a luxury store, it can be easy to suddenly feel flooded with stress about investing in specific pieces, but not at Olivela. Everything you’ll find is striking and elevated, but also able to be incorporated into your daily style.


Corri McFadden shows readers her favorite clutch handbags at Olivela.

I just honestly had such an incredible experience when I went into Olivela in Aspen. You can tell by the photos, I was like a kid in a candy store. The sunglasses wall, I mean, I was beside myself. They had every luxury brand you want to have as staples in your closet.


Corri McFadden shows off a red puffer coat at Olivela in Aspen. Super elixer as part of Aspen beauty.

On top of all that, I want to talk about the social impact their making. In a time when we’re all trying to shop consciously, Olivela makes it look easy for retailers to do good and give back. They’ve created this unique and meaningful shopping experience where 20 percent of every sale goes toward providing education to girls at risk.


Corri McFadden shows readers her favorite puffer coats at Olivela in Aspen.

To make this happen, and to help shoppers understand, you’ll find special technology throughout the store that not only educates you on the items you’re shopping but the cause you’re supporting by making a purchase. While shopping, you’ll see how many days of education Olivela can provide per item purchased. So for example, one item might provide enough money for 18 days of education for girls at risk. How amazing is that?! Olivela gives the proceeds to organizations providing this education, including CARE, Malala Fund and Too Young To Wed.


Corri McFadden stands in a blue coat in Olivela.

How to shop for a cause in Aspen, Colorado.

Needless to say, I instantly fell in love with this concept. It’s shopping but with a positive social impact. Something I think we can all get behind. I definitely got behind it and walked out with a new pair of boots and a hat, and I have a feeling I’ll be back for more! It’s a purchase that feels good and I highly recommend shopping Olivela if you’re looking for a curated, luxury experience that also gives back.


Corri McFadden shows off her favorite luxury winter coats in Aspen.

To continue expressing my love for this brand and their mission, and to encourage you all to shop there if you’re looking to invest in a few luxury basics, I rounded up five of my favorite pieces currently on Olivela’s website. They’re all stunning, under $1000 and will live for seasons to come, so I hope you pick one up to support Olivela’s incredible work!

How to shop with Corri McFadden for a good cause at Olivela.

Olivela winter must haves in Aspen.

Apparis Light Blue Faux Fur Coat

I chose the light blue as my favorite, but this coat comes in tons of colors. Yes, it’s a statement piece for sure, but faux fur is timeless. Plus, it’s under $300, which is a major score! I guarantee you will be collecting compliments by the dozen with this coat, so if you’ve been on the lookout for the right faux fur, you’ve found it.


Rag and Bone Fanny Pack

Maybe Colorado life is growing on me because I was drawn to this fanny pack for the shearling and suede details. But shearling and suede aside, I’m a huge fan of the fanny pack. When you’re a mom, it’s nice to not have to carry a purse anymore and just have all the essentials strapped on me. You can wear it crossbody or around the waist and it pops really nicely if you’re wearing all black.

Corri McFadden's winter must haves from Olivela in Aspen.
Olivela is a store in Aspen that is on Corri McFadden's list of must shop places.

Moncler Ankle Boot

A good boot that can be worn with everything is priceless. I like to have a pair I can leave by the front door and know it’ll go with 80 percent of my wardrobe, ya know? This Moncler boot is exactly that. They’re a beautiful black suede, go up to the ankle for some extra support and the rubber sole allows you to trek around without this massive, bulky boot on. The slender silhouette is probably my favorite thing about them because it provides so much versatility.

When you click over to the website to look at the boots, you can also see purchasing them would provide 21 days of school for Syrian refugees through Olivela’s partner organization, CARE. You’ll see these details for every item on the website so you really get a glance into how your purchase is helping to make a difference.


Adina Reyter Signet Ring

This ring is the perfect ask for Valentine’s Day! It’s absolutely gorgeous if you’re looking for a fine piece of jewelry. The 14k gold and the petite diamond set in the signet-style ring is classic and will literally never go out of style. I love timeless pieces like this because they truly become heirlooms you can pass down.

A wrack of coats in Olivela in Aspen, Colorado.
A gorgeous collection of luxury sunglasses from Olivela in Aspen, including Corri McFadden's favorite pair from Givenchy.

Givenchy Round Frame Sunglasses

Last but certainly not least, these Givenchy sunglasses are something very special. I am an absolute sucker for a round lens and this pair with the gold and silver wire frame is everything. The two-toned metal style really allows you to mix it up and wear them with anything regardless of what color your other accessories are. They’re also seasonless, which means you can wear them all year long!


Corri McFadden shows of a yellow coat in Olivela.And there you have it – my five favorite basics from Olivela that I think are worth the investment. Honestly, the entire store is worth checking out, so if you live in Aspen, definitely head to their storefront at 427 East Hyman Ave or visit their website. I also want to note, they do offer personal shopping services along with styling. If you want to invest in something, but aren’t sure what, they can definitely help you make a smart decision.


Corri McFadden shops for a good cause at Olivela in Aspen Colorado.

Obviously, I’m crushing on Olivela hard right now and want to support them in any way I can. Please let me know if you have any questions! I plan on shopping them a lot this year and would love to hear about your experience (online or in person) if you buy something, too!



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