I am sure you have picked up by now that I LOVE to shop for Zelda. Over the past few months she has really started to voice her opinion when getting dressed, which means numerous outfit changes until her sweet smile of approval is achieved. Personally, I am just thrilled that she is taking to fashion and has an opinion, even if it adds 20 minutes to our morning routine.  

To celebrate Zelda’s love of fashion we teamed up with one of her favorites, FabKidsfor a sweet giveaway to outfit your babe(s) for the holiday! Enter below to win a $75.00 gift card! *Enter Below*


Shop FabKids Holiday for Girls

A girls gift guide featuring clothing by FabKids.

Tops: Snowboard Top // Glitter Top // Reindeer Top

Bottoms: LOL Leggings // Striped Leggings // Polka Dot Leggings // Red Leggings

Dresses: Plaid Dress // Sequin Dress // Tulle Dress // Polka Dot Dress

Shoes: Gold Boots // Flats // Lace Up Sneakers // Slip On Sneakers

Shop FabKids Holiday for Boys

A boys gift guide featuring clothing by FabKids.

Shirts: Tuxedo Shirt // Party Shirt // Sugar Shirt

Pants: Black Pants // Blue Pants // Grey Pants // Camo Pants

Shoes: Blue Plaid Slip Ons // Black Sneakers // Red Plaid Slip Ons

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