Erica Eckman is the foodie friend everyone wishes they had! This soon-to-be mama has a drool-worthy Instagram account and the skinny on all the best places to eat in Chicago. Fair warning, if you visit her page you will instantly become hungry! When she’s not eating, she’s working as a Social Media and Branding Consultant. She’s also expecting her first little babe in July! And while we are super excited to say it’s a girl, she and her hubby are keeping the baby’s name under wraps. We’ll be stalking her social media all summer long to find out what it will be! Until then, we’ll just keep live vicariously through her life via food images (seriously check out her baby shower cake).
This is a post by Glitter and Bubbles that features Erica Eckman of Everything Erica as this week's Rad Mom.
Photo Credit: Rachel Bires
Erica also has her own website, Everything Erica. It takes a fun a light approach to cooking and we love that her recipes are super easy to execute. This mama is inspiring us one bite at a time!
This is a post by Glitter and Bubbles that features Erica Eckman of Everything Erica as this week's Rad Mom.
Illustration by The Unexpected Type
Favorite Beauty Product You Can’t Live Without: End Zit. I put it on a blemish before I go to bed and I wake up and it is virtually gone. I’m also obsessed with Cetaphil Moisturizer. I literally cake that stuff on my face before I go to bed every night. It completely re-hydrates my skin (which is so dry)! I feel like it’s my secret anti-aging weapon.
Favorite Product You Discovered While Pregnant: Not really sure this qualifies as a product, but since becoming pregnant, I’ve discovered the importance of drinking high PH Balance water with electrolytes. I found Essentia Water which has one of the highest PH balances on the market and I can’t get enough. I try to drink 2-3 liters a day.
If You Could Permanently Color Your Lips One Lipstick Shade It Would Be: Patina by Stila, hands down. I wore it to my wedding. It’s like my signature color.
How You’ve Been Pampering Yourself While Pregnant: Lots and lots of massages. I get them about once a week. They help with all the aches and pains and just relax me in general.
Strangest Pregnancy Craving: Coffee! I’ve never ever had any desire to drink coffee my entire life. I hated the taste. Now, I crave the taste and can’t go a single day without a cup (decaf of course).
Maternity Staple You Can’t Live Without: A really flowy maxi dress. I’m practically living in them at this point.
Piece of Baby Gear That Legitimately Scares the Sh*T Out of You: Diapers. I’ve never even put one on before. It should be interesting…
Top Purchase You Have Made for the Babe: Her nursery furniture. I may have gone a little crazy at Restoration Hardware, but their stuff is so cute!
Recipe You’ve Been Eating Most While Pregnant: My Blue Cheese Stuffed Cobb Salad Burger. Click here to get the recipe!
This is a recipe for Stuffed Cobb Salad Burger Sliders by Erica Eckman of Everything Erica for Glitter and Bubbles.