Welcome to We All Have One Podcast

We All Have One is a podcast that isn’t afraid to discuss the stories we all have.

You know those messy topics we all deal with, but no one talks about it? The struggles and the tragedies and the WTF situations that eventually help us grow but really can take you down in the moment?  

The stories without a pretty Instagram filter. The real-life situations that SO many of us face yet we don’t hear about – or at least how the hell to deal with them. 

And, more importantly, what you can TAKE from each of those situations.

Because let’s be honest, life can be messed up. Like really messed up. 

Yes, it can be cool and beautiful and amazing, but it can also tear you down until you’re wailing into your steering wheel after work or sobbing solo in your bathroom as your kid’s pound at the door.

I have been both of those places! Have you?

Life can make you feel lonely, confused, pissed off, lost, and a whole lot of other things that don’t feel that great. But behind all those difficult times are stories

Stories that we all have but ones that buried deep within us in this filtered culture we’re all living in.

Well, guys, I’m here to uncover those stories and bring them to light.

So who am I? If we’re not cyber friends, yet, hi guys, I’m Corri McFadden, a recovering business owner, industry pioneer, and mama blogger. I’ve seen it ALL along the way, and I’m not afraid to share what I’ve learned, both the fantastic experiences and the fall-on-your-face mistakes. 

I’m here to chat about every.single.one of those instances that tear us down or make us feel confused and uncomfortable. I’m here to go deep and get REAL because I genuinely think we all need these discussions in our life. 

Don’t YOU? 

Bottom line, this show will be USEFUL. It’ll be a toolkit for surviving what life throws at you. It’ll be a place to escape when it feels like you don’t have a clue what to do next. 

Oh, and it’ll also be uncensored in many ways, including my love for a good curse word. 

Mama’s, if you have kids in the car, you might want to listen to this later. 

We’ll kick things off with a 10 episode deep dive into starting and owning your business. For 15 years, I ran a self-funded multi-million dollar business with over 30 employees at any given time! We will be tacking topics in a useful and relatable way that I wish would have been accessible to me on my journey. We’ll talk about distinguishing a business from a hobby, what you need to do after you decide to go into business, hiring your first employee, getting into bed with your landlord, terminations, and more!  It’s going to be REALLY good, and some might even say life-changing, bold statement Yes, but I know what I’m about to put out into the universe, and it’s precisely what some of you need. 

Oh! And because I do want to hear from you, let me shoutout some info real quick. 

If you have feedback, questions, or suggestions, I’m all ears. Just don’t be an internet troll, deal? If you have crisiticm, make it constructive. 

You can send me an email at hello@weallhaveonepodcast.com or hit me up on Instagram at @corrimcfadden. You can also find a ton of useful, fun, non-podcast related info at my blog, glitterandbubbles.com. 

Alright guys, I’m out! Can’t wait to go on this journey together! 

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