I Can’t Do It All Anymore: Taking The Leap & Hiring Your First Employee

You’ve started a business and things are finally picking up steam. One problem: if you add one more thing to your to-do list, you’re going to spontaneously combust! If you’ve reached that point, it’s time to hire your first employee. On this week’s episode of We All Have One, Corri McFadden talks you through the steps you need to take for a seamless hiring process. Learn what questions to ask, what paperwork to fill out, and how to attract the best employees. You don’t have to do it all!


Your business is your baby but if you’ve reached the point where just one more task will make you explode, it’s time to bring someone on your team. It’s normal to take everything on when you have a new business. You may even think that no one else can do things as well as you. Newsflash: they can!

 So how do you find the right people and ensure you’re following all the legal requirements of employment? In this episode of We All Have One, Corri demystifies the hiring process and takes you through a checklist of everything you need to do before bringing on a new hire.

 Learn what paperwork you need to fill out, what taxes must be paid, and learn how to create both a job scope and the perfect job description to ensure you get the most talented applicants. Corri also discusses why you need an employee manual as well as both questions you can and cannot ask in a job interview.

 Listen in for Corri’s advice on how to bring in new employees without losing your mind!

  • [01:03] – Hiring your first employee
  • [04:57] – The cost of hiring an employee
  • [06:28] – What can you actually afford?
  • [07:53] – Employees or contractors
  • [09:05] – Hiring checklist
  • [09:36] – Registration & paperwork
  • [10:41] – Insurance
  • [11:17] – Wages & payroll
  • [11:37] – Employee handbook
  • [17:41] – New hire packet
  • [18:12] – Now you’re ready to hire
  • [18:20] – Writing a compelling job description
  • [21:44] – Job ad example by Ashley Longshore
  • [25:19] – Pay to play
  • [27:02] – Interviewing
  • [27:13] – Vetting applicants
  • [29:05] – Open interview blocks
  • [30:43] – Have a second person with you
  • [31:22] – Questions you can’t ask
  • [32:47] – Questions you can ask
  • [35:18] – Making an offer
  • [37:15] – How to get in touch

Your host Corri McFadden is recovering business owner, industry pioneer, and mama blogger who has seen it ALL along the way and let’s just say she’s not afraid to share what she’s learned, both experiences to mistakes. You can find her on Instagram, Pinterest or Glitter and Bubbles.


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This podcast episode was produced by Dante32.