Guess What: Friends Are Not Your Clients

Friends are your cheerleaders, but not your clients!

In this all new episode of We All Have One, Corri McFadden talks about how to bring family and friends onto your business team without straining your relationships. Corri wraps things up by offering tips to figure out who your target demographic is and how best to reach potential clients.

When you just start a business, it’s only natural that you look to your family and friends for support. But take it from Corri: before you make your business a family affair, it’s a good idea to take some time to set boundaries and clearly defined expectations.

In this episode of We All Have One, Corri recounts the lessons she learned from employing siblings and friends in her businesses. She breaks down all the steps you need to take to ensure a happy professional and personal life balance. 

The key ingredient is to remember that your friends are not your clients. Your friends will always be there for encouragement and support but it’s not a healthy business strategy to rely on your friends as clients and customers.

So how do you find customers? Not to worry! Corri shares an exercise designed to help you identify your target demographics. Just a few thought-provoking questions and you’ll have a blueprint for honing your marketing plan. 

Listen in for Corri’s advice on friends and family at work and get started on the hunt for your ideal customers.

  • [00:58] – The role your friends and family play in your business
  • [03:08] – Hiring friends and family
  • [05:06] – Set expectations from day one
  • [06:09] – Define the job scope
  • [07:13] – Invest time into proper training
  • [08:30] – Have someone else on the team manage them
  • [09:43] – Lay the ground rules
  • [12:37] – Have metrics in place
  • [13:37] – Don’t blur relationship lines
  • [16:06] – Avoid showing favoritism
  • [18:51] – Friends are not your clients
  • [21:21] – Establishing who will be your client
  • [24:11] – Demographics
  • [26:59] – Psychographics
  • [27:48] – Form your plan of operation
  • [32:14] Glitter and Bubbles
  • [32:16] – Corri McFadden email

Your host Corri McFadden is a recovering business owner, industry pioneer, and mama blogger who has seen it ALL along the way and let’s just say she’s not afraid to share what she’s learned, from experiences to mistakes. You can find her on Instagram, Pinterest or Glitter and Bubbles.

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