Determining A Business From A Hobby

Starting a business is all glitz & glamour right? Not quite. 


In this inaugural episode of the We All Have One podcast, Corri goes through the real guts of how she started her business. If you’ve ever thought about starting a business or are being persuaded by your friends or partner to turn your baking skills into a bakery, grab those headphones right this second. Because host Corri McFadden is talkin’ to YOU in this episode! 

That’s right, this episode is all about the questions on many people’s minds: Can my hobby become a successful business? Should I start a business or no? And Corri is giving you the answer straight up + dueling out some major advice along the way.  From her own experience starting a successful company at age 21 (truth!), to what you need to consider before jumping into a side hustle, to understanding whether your hobby could succeed as a business or should be left as a hobby – this episode will be super clarifying. 

Corri also dives deep into what starting a business actually looks like in those first couple years (hint: it’s a lot of Panera Bread soup + figuring sh*t out). She also talks about a few KEY elements of a successful business – ones you really can’t succeed without. Plus so much more! Inspiring biz owners, listen up. And take notes

  • [02:27] – What’s coming up over the next ten episodes?
  • [07:21] – Who I was for the last fifteen years?
  • [16:03] – You need a niche
  • [16:47] – Serving a purpose and being different
  • [17:41]  – Should your niche be a business?
  • [20:52] – Evaluating the impact a business will have on you personally
  • [23:07] – Being on the same page with your life partner
  • [24:18] – Setting tangible and realistic goals
  • [27:43] – Ask yourself what is making you feel uncomfortable
  • [29:55] – Listen again in a different mindset
  • [32:33] – Corri McFadden on Instagram
  • [32:36] – Glitter and Bubbles

Your host Corri McFadden is recovering business owner, industry pioneer, and mama blogger who has seen it ALL along the way and let’s just say she’s not afraid to share what she’s learned, both experiences to mistakes. You can find her on Instagram, Pinterest or Glitter and Bubbles.

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This podcast episode was produced by Dante32.