This has been a very interesting year for many reasons. As an entrepreneur, blogger and mom, I’m existing in a lot of different worlds. Sometimes I kick ass at balancing it and other days, all the balls drop. In 2017 I’ve learned to be okay with not being okay (and that is okay!). I am so grateful to everyone who has visited the blog and joined this community. You’ve all pushed me creatively and it has been such a healthy outlet. It’s evolved into something I didn’t expect, but am welcoming with open arms.

This year, I found my groove. I figured out how to be involved in the blogging world with Zelda and run a company with over twenty-five employees, all while being a good partner to Spiro and maintaining a household. And guess what? That shit is hard. I don’t always show everything and let’s be real, no one does. Do we even really want to see what everyone has going on behind closed doors? Well, maybe a little. After all, I am a huge Vanderpump Rules fan (but that usually gives me my fix!). I’m not hiding anything crazy, but a lot of my days are nuts and it’s more than you see on Instastory.


I wish I was able to document all the cool things I do during the day, as well as the difficult things I deal with. However, the truth is that I am so busy I can’t always pick up my phone and share things. I’m envious of those people who have beautiful Instastories – I’m not saying you have more time than me, you’re probably just better at balancing than I am. There are so many things I have going on that I want to share. When I’m setting up a blog post there is always a dedicated topic with corresponding artwork. It’s authentic, but it isn’t everything. There is always so much more. With that being said, it’s my 2018 goal to share more. I want to give you more insight into my life and I want to peel back the layers. In turn, I want to get to know you on a deeper level too.

It’s important for me to connect with you. I want to give you insight into my world at eDrop-Off and the stresses and struggles that come with managing a staff as a founder of a company. I want you to know that after a long day at the office I walk through the door and perform as a parent (all while managing what feels like 200 social media accounts throughout the day). I know many of you share similar stressors and I want to know about it.

I do want to be very clear that I could never do these things without having an awesome team around me. My nanny is an integral part of our family and without her, I couldn’t do what I do. I don’t have a nanny by choice, I have a nanny out of necessity and I am forever grateful for her. I couldn’t successfully run my company without my amazing team at eDrop-Off and Glitter and Bubbles wouldn’t be possible without my supporting staff. Each person on my team allows me to keep the ball rolling. It’s not just me, myself and I.

I spent some time brainstorming (with my team!) about how I could bring these worlds together in order to allow you to really know me and my family. We came up with a plan to start an entrepreneur diary and this is my first installment. I won’t do this every week, but on the weeks where things are crazy, and I can’t share as much as I want on social media, I will recap my week in this way. If you really enjoy it, I’ll do it with more frequency. I want to show you what my weeks look like – the overall big picture (don’t worry, I’m not recapping every hour). These posts will contain my candid feelings, some fun tidbits and a variety of photos and videos (some professionally shot and some very unprofessionally shot). It’s going to be a hodgepodge of information, but I hope you love it!

Sunday is a day for family and we went ice skating at Maggie Daley in Millennium Park.


In my house, Sunday is a nonnegotiable family day. We only participate in family friendly events and there are no phone calls, office visits, or long email stints. We are tuned into each other, and it is my favorite day of the week. My heart feels warm when I think about it. One of the perks of being a blogger is that I get invited to a ton of cool stuff. Last weekend, the Kamik crew asked us to come and hang out at Maggie Daley Park for the holidays. We went with the intention of ice skating, crafting and having lunch. When we arrived, they gave my whole family a new pair of boots (which made it ever cooler). Spiro was thrilled to receive them! I had to share this photo because it was so hilarious – I think his first gift in the bloggersphere might have gone to his head a little.

As soon as I went to step on the ice and saw free spirited children whizzing by, I had a full mom panic moment. I’m not the best when it comes to balance and I had a three year old who was overly confident on skates. I envisioned myself falling down, breaking my leg and then wondered who would run my household. I decided to play up my old ankle injury and sent Spiro onto the ice with Zelda alone. They went about fifteen feet and called it quits. Sometimes, things don’t quite go as planned and it is okay. (However, things went to plan for me because there was no way I was stepping on that ice!) We spent the day together as a family and I was reminded all over again of why Sunday is the best.


Kamik Boots at Maggie Daley Park. Ice Skating in Maggie Daley Park.

Chicago city road work.


“Mondays are so wonderful,” said no one ever. Mondays are a grind and this time of year they are super insane. Owning a retail store is always challenging during the holiday season because everything seems to have a sense of urgency around it. As a business owner I never know what is waiting for me. It might be an overflowing toilet that needs fixing or a client issue. Today, it was that the street in front of my business was undergoing heavy roadwork. Thank you city of Chicago for zero heads up! Basically, I never know what the day is going to throw at me. On Mondays, I typically get up around 6am so I can begin working on my emails. My inbox never reaches zero, but I do the best I can until 8am. After that, I embark on whatever other tasks are thrown at me. Mondays are insane. YAY Monday!





Making cookies for Glitter and Bubbles.


Tuesdays are my designated work from home day. I’m primarily focused on content creation for Glitter and Bubbles, but that doesn’t mean that my other job stops. Once again, I wake up at 6am to work on emails and other tasks for three to four hours before Glitter and Bubbles work begins at 10am. I love Tuesdays because Zelda and the nanny typically stay home and help us create content. She is always super excited when Leah and Abi arrive, and it warms my heart to see her become part of what we are doing. I love seeing her ideas and creating content with her. If you want to do something you just have to figure out how to do it!






Chef'd cookie baking with a toddler. Twas the Before Christmas Cookies from Chef'd.

Hail Merry Photo shoot.


Since things are so busy with the holidays right around the corner, I spent the first half of my day at eDrop-Off. If you’re looking to pick up a gift for yourself (or a loved one), check out this bag and these shoes. They are two of my favorite things on auction right now. I spent the second half of my day working on a photo shoot with Hail Merry. I have been pumped about this opportunity since it was presented to me and love anything I can shoot with Zelda. We shot some special content that I cannot wait to share! I can’t say too much, but I gave you a little sneak peek in this post. What is better than creating something beautiful while working alongside your daughter?





The Waldorf in Chicago


No two days are ever the same. This week, I over scheduled myself but had no choice. We’re leaving town for the holiday next Wednesday and I had several deadlines for the blog. Sometimes, I must sacrifice a little sleep and really push myself. It makes the holidays that much more rewarding! I spent most of the day at the office but had to go check in at the Waldorf at 3pm to shoot a super cool collaboration that you’ll get to see very soon.






How to order like a Greek at Greek Islands.


Today was another early morning because I couldn’t make it into the office. I spent the morning going through bins authenticating merchandise and when I finished, Zelda was so proud of me she insisted on taking a photo of me in front of my work. So adorable! After that, I had a 1pm photo shoot in Greektown with Zelda, which we were super pumped about. For those of you who don’t know, Zelda is half Greek. Her father, who is 100% Greek, was born and raised in Athens. We were excited to showcase something fun around her heritage.

With that being said, I needed my Greek’s help. A few years ago, I had a reality show called House of Consignment and after sixteen weeks of cameras, booms and mic packs, he has since chosen to keep the camera at arm’s length. However, because he is supportive, he agreed to help Zelda and I film a video at Greek Islands detailing “How to Order Like a Greek”, and I adore him for it. I think he was a little shell-shocked when he walked in and saw a boom over his table and dined with a camera next to his chair. After all, this was his favorite restaurant where everyone knows him. But since he is so awesome and loving, and a great partner and father, he did it for us. I love you Spiro.


Authenticity bins Greek Islands restaurant.