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Energy Healing 

What is energy healing? Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve received hundreds of questions from all of you intrigued to understand more about energy healing. I mentioned on social media I would be sitting down with my energy healer for a Q&A and was so thrilled with the overwhelming response from everyone interested in the topic. Energy healing is something I’ve wanted to discuss for a while, and I’m excited to open this world up to each of you.

I have been seeing an energy healer for the last four years. I was initially introduced to energy healing from my friend Stephanie Arnold, the author of  37 Seconds. Having received premonitions of her death that came true, she is spiritually connected and someone that I truly trusted. I had hit what I felt was a rock bottom, with a constant feeling of personal unfulfillment. I knew that I needed to change the way I was operating. One evening I reached out to Stephanie in almost a desperate cry for help, she met me that night at a local coffee shop and sat calmly listened to my lost words. She suggested that I visit her energy healer, and it changed my life.

Since moving to Colorado, I have been working with an energy healer, Jessica Jacobson, from Sacred Soul Healing Arts, and I can confidently say she has changed our family’s life. She has opened us up into our higher selves, and our experiences are tremendous.

Jessica Jacobson, ABT, CYT, MOTHER OF 3, is a gifted facilitator in emotional and spiritual healing. She has a restorative approach rooted in love combined with her keen intuitive skill and a range of tools and support for regenerating emotional well being and integrating mind, body, and spirit. Jessica leads with a compassionate heart holding her clients in unconditional love so that they may recognize their gifts and step more fully into their true selves.

Jessica has been practicing healing work for fifteen years with a degree in Asian Bodywork Therapy. She has deepened her learning by studying with several Native American Shamans, a Medical Intuitive to learn gifts of Aromatherapy, and recently completed her training in Integrative Yoga Therapy Teacher Training. This continued learning has allowed Jessica to deepen her intuition and be grounded in service to her clients and students.

I think that a lot of us are very interested in the vertical of energy healing, self-healing, chakras, but don’t know where to start.

What is it? How can it change your life? Is it better than therapy? So many questions.

I sat down with Jessica for a 75 min in-depth Q&A conversation to answer everyone’s questions about Energy Healing. If you prefer to listen to our discussion, you can listen here. Otherwise, please keep reading, open your mind, reach your highest potential!


What Is Energy Healing? 

Well, we are physical beings, but we’re made primarily of energy. Every living organism is made of energy; we are made of mass, nothing is touching. It’s pretty incredible. There are many different energy systems within us. If you go to an acupuncturist, they’re working with a specific energy system. There are hands of light energy healing; they’re working with different energy systems. But we’re working through your energy field and in your physical body to remove blocks that are getting in the way of self-love and self-worth. No matter what energy system or energy healer you’re working with that is (or should be) the mission—helping people remember self-love, self-worth, personal responsibility, and spiritual purpose.

Let me give you a metaphor.  Our bodies have an energy system very similar to rivers. 

If you look at a river that has a dam, then you get accumulation, and you get blocks. What we want to do is open those rivers of energy in our body and also off of our body and in our field so that we can not only move energy through us easily but not get hung up on any old stuff. So if you think of a dam in a river, all that stuff accumulates in there. It’s a bunch of junk. We want to clear that out so that you can receive, you can feel supported, and you can live a compassionate, loving life for yourself first. And then it’s much easier to hold that space for other people. There’s a lot of modalities, and there’s a lot of people doing the work, and not one person is going to work for everyone. You have to find an energy healer that resonates.

Are You A Psychic?

No, I mean, I have psychic abilities. Sure. But that’s not really what I do primarily. I meet you where you are, and everybody comes in, in a different place. What you’re open to might be different from the client I saw before, and that’s okay, I’m just going to meet you where you are, and we’re going to grow together. But you know everything you need to know already. Only we’ve forgotten it. And so I talk about remembering the truth of who you are. Recognizing self-love and self-worth and remembering spiritual purpose. We are all connected. We are interconnected with every living thing, tree, ant, bumblebee, each other. We are all part of this same system. Remembering that interconnectedness is this incredible exhale that people find when they start doing their work because it means you’re not alone.

An Energy Healer Is Entering Your Sacred Space During The Work, What Is A Safe Way Of Navigating Who To Work With?

What a great question. Always go straight to the gut. You’ve got to trust your gut. Just because everyone around you is like, “Oh, this person’s amazing. This person’s amazing.” They might not be fantastic for you, and that’s okay, and you need to trust yourself and speak your truth around that. Referrals from those you trust are also a great way.

But here’s what I would caution, anyone trying to sell you stuff, they’re not of your highest good. In my opinion, it’s not about buying things to reach your higher self. Some people have these systems where you buy this medallion, and then you pay every month, and then they’re going to charge that medallion. If they’re always trying to sell you things, they are probably not rooted in the highest good, that’s a big red flag.

I work with a lot of essential oils, for example, and I’ve resisted selling them because they’re all MLM’s. Essential oils are fantastic at helping people move through certain things when used correctly and administered by a professional.  I would say, trust your gut, look at their credentials, feel it, pay attention to how everything feels. And if it’s not for you, that’s okay. It’s just about trusting yourself and entering a space where you feel safe.

What Would You Recommend To Get The Most Out Of What A Healer Can Offer You?

Yes, coming in open, being willing to listen and not just to your energy healer, but to yourself. That’s part of that “remembering.” You’ll feel it. You’ll know. For example, I make everybody cry. I mean, I make everybody cry. I make strangers on the street cry. I don’t know what it is, but people approach me, and they cry. You’ve got to be ready, and you’re ready when you’re generally dissatisfied in life, and you don’t know why. That’s when you’re ready. When you go to work, and you think all you have to do is do the grind, that’s when you’re ready. When you’re looking around, and your life is seemingly okay, but you’re still unhappy, you’re ready. I would say if you have reached out to a healer, you’re ready. It’s not about the expectation. It’s about the journey. And the journey looks very different for everybody.

One person might have past life experience on the table, and another person might just be clearing a big block that was getting in their way of moving forward. That doesn’t have anything to do with a past life. I mean, it’s such a different experience for everyone. But no matter where you are in your life, there’s always room to grow. And that is true for me as well.

What Does It Mean To Work Through And “Let Go” Of Something? 

That’s a great question. Well, I think you know for a lot of reasons, but the most evident is your behaviors change. So let’s say… I believe this is best done with an example: An easy example is sexual abuse as a child, and with sexual abuse as a child, there’s a lot of common things that happen. Many people will become promiscuous; some people will just shut down altogether. But either way, there’s a behavior associated with the trauma. When you’re a child, you don’t have the tools to cope with it, So you carry that with you. Even if you’re a mom and you haven’t dealt with it, you pass that energy down to your child. That’s called legacy work.

So the point is, it comes out in your behavior. It comes out in trust. Who you trust and who you don’t trust if you trust at all. It comes out in survivor behavior where you don’t allow yourself to be supported, and you often don’t see yourself, and you find that others don’t see you. So when we work together to let go, it’s apparent the experience on our table, when I’m working with a client, it’s very clear when the letting go happens. There is more freedom in your body. It’s evident. People feel like they’ve lost 50 pounds of energetic weight sometimes when they leave.

It’s evident in your body, it’s evident in your heart, it’s evident in your mind, and your behavior starts to change, and you become stronger in yourself. There are simpler things that people might be trying to let go of. What I suggest is to meet yourself right where you are, speak to it, acknowledge it, feel it, and then it will dissolve on its own.

The proof is in the pudding because your behavior changes, how you begin to move through the world changes. You will still fall back on old habits and old patterns, but less and less, so two steps forward, one step back, three steps forward, one step back. It just keeps growing. Each time you let go or each time you meet your limitations, and you’re willing to love yourself anyway, it builds upon the next thing, and you have momentum that happens, and it’s beautiful.

Are There Ways To Let Go On Your Own Without An Energy Healer?

The first thing I would suggest is to go outside, go outside into nature. If you’re in the city, for example,  I lived in Chicago for a long time. Chicago has a lot of amazing parks with massive trees, the Lakefront. Just get yourself outside and let yourself be quiet. Phone away, No music, you’re silent with yourself. Also, meditation is the magic pill. There are all these ideas about meditation and the stigma and what it should look like, and what does it mean and, “Oh, I should.” Shut up. This is so dumb. Wake up and sit down. Don’t worry about what it looks like. Don’t worry about your brain. Your brain is going to be a monkey mind.

You’re going to think about stuff. For 30 days, wake up before the rest of your household set a timer for 10 minutes and sit quietly with yourself. Do this for 30 days, You are going to feel a shift in your consciousness and in your body, even if that shift is, “I seem to have more energy.” Or, “I’m more patient with my kids today.” It’s little things. Life is built on the little things. And again, each step you take builds upon the last steps.

So if you’re willing to go outside in nature without your headphones, without your phone, for 20 minutes a day, which of course I think it should be more, but start small. And if you’re willing to wake up and sit down in meditation, just following your breath, not guided meditation, wake up, sit down, follow your breath. That’s it. And when your brain gets busy, you’re, “Oh my brain’s busy.” And you come back to your breath. Giving that, bringing that breath into your deep belly, not your chest, because I would bet at least 70% of the people listening to this are breathing only in their chest and are cut off from the lower portion of your body. You’ve got to get in your body. You’ve got to feel your breath all the way deep in your belly.

So wake up and sit down for meditation. Don’t worry about what it looks like. Be quiet outside. Those are the two most important things you can do, and it is that simple.


Jesus’ message is you will do greater things than even this. Jesus was trying to empower you. Jesus was saying, “I am in you. You can do this.” And I believe all of us have these gifts if we so choose.

 What Is Legacy Energy?

There’s a couple of different ways to approach this, So I’m going to use another example from a client. TRIGGER WARNING (Sexual Abuse): This amazing woman came to see me. She’s amazing. She was strong, powerful, beautiful, totally in tune. Just an incredible woman. And yet she was having all these challenges in relationships, not being heard, not using her voice. And yet she was very boisterous and fun and just incredibly social and lovely. And I was like, “What do you mean; you’re not being heard. How could this be true?” And she’s like, “In a relationship, I can’t get it together.” And so we started poking around. I literally actually poke around on your body with my fingertips.

It’s gentle, but literally, I poke you. I’m listening with my hands. It was clear that there was sexual abuse trauma there, but it wasn’t hers. I can feel that. Your body has a cellular memory if you think about water and how much we’re made up of water, and water has memory, which has been scientifically proven. You can understand how we have cellular memory in our body of trauma. I was like, “You have this, but it doesn’t feel like yours.” And she says, “Oh, my mom suffered tremendous sexual abuse as did her sisters and my grandmother and her sisters.” And she told me the story, and I was like, “Okay, well, this has been passed down to you.” And because she was so in tune and in light, enlightened, she felt really ready to be the vessel to heal for generations of sexual abuse trauma.

What we did is she came in, and this is probably her third session, she came in after we sort of prepared and cleared the body so that we could do the work. The spirit of her…She talked to her mom, and her mom was at home while we did the work. But knowing the timeframe in which we were doing it, her grandmother came in, her grandmother’s two sisters came in. This woman, Carol came in, who the whole time I was working with this woman on my table, I’m like, “Who the heck is Carol?” She’s like, “I don’t know who Carol is.” We found out that Carol was her grandmother’s best friend. It was the only one who knew about the sexual abuse and was always trying to help the family.

All these women have passed away, right? So it’s just their souls and their spirits who have come in the room. I held this woman’s body; let’s just call her Betty and one-by-one; each soul was able to acknowledge and move through the trauma. Now, these souls, at that time of the abuse, there were no tools. No one was going to listen to them. They lived on a farm in Texas. It was in the 1930s and ’40s. They had nothing.

They had no option but to just keep going. So to watch these souls process, this trauma was absolutely incredible. Every time I touched a different place in her body, another soul showed up to do the work and process it through her. Absolutely incredible. When it was done, the souls left. It was evident she could feel it. She felt like she lost a hundred pounds. I spoke to her a couple of days ago. She’s like, “I haven’t had a headache. I haven’t been depressed. I haven’t had any anxiety because all of that has cleared.” That was what the body was doing, the depression, the anxiety, the stress, because it was holding this trauma, and it wasn’t even hers.

What Other Energy Are We Born With? 

If you look at it from a Chinese medicine standpoint, you come into the world with chi or the energy that your mother and father have given you, and that’s called your congenital chi. And that’s what you get. You can add two other kinds of chi, by how you eat, what you drink, the quality of life that you have. But when it comes to congenital chi, that’s what you get.  We are all born with a predisposition to something, right?

Some people have a difficult time with their kidneys or their liver or lungs. That’s where healers like myself can be of assistance,  we can provide you not only dietary or nutritional suggestions for whatever your predisposition is, but we can also do a little energy healing to help boost that part of you. And then there’s a certain thing, nature versus nurture. Now, I have three kids, and the truth is they are just born how they are born. You can nurture them, and you might be a liberal and end up with a Republican, you just don’t know. You also have to let yourself be who you are without judgment.


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What Should You Feel Like After A Session With An Energy Healer? 

You can’t do all the work in one session, but if someone gets off my table and doesn’t feel better, even if they can’t explain how then I haven’t been of service. Even people that can’t feel what’s going on, on the table, which is more common than you would think. There are quite a few people who come in, they don’t know what the hell is going on, and that’s totally fine. But when they get off the table, they’re like, “Whoa. Okay.” And the most common thing I hear is, “I feel lighter.” And I would say lighter is a double entendre. They feel physically lighter, and they are infused with light. So it’s really quite lovely. And so that will often encourage people to come back just feeling that way.

Energy healing work takes a good three days to fully assimilate because our light body moves faster as you might imagine than our physical body. So those two bodies need some time to integrate. I will not see people one day and then again the very next day they have to wait three days. I would say I’ve got clients that see chiropractors and acupuncturists, and I always suggest there are three days between these appointments because we’re working with the human energy system, which is physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic. It’s everything. And it takes time for it to really assimilate.

When you’re relying on someone to do the work for you, that’s a big problem. You need to do your own work. I had a client the other day who was I was like, “Oh, you have something stored here. And he says, “We’ll get rid of it.” And I was like, “You can’t outsource it. I’m not here to get rid of it. You have to meet this feeling, this experience that you’re holding, and we’ll move through it together.” That’s something.


How Frequent Should You See Your Energy Healer? 

Let’s say you come; you’re working through a divorce. I should be able to serve you and give you tools, so when you’re not with me, that you’re doing your own work. Six weeks to three months, once a week. On average. That’s how long my clients are with me. Then we break it off. You do once a month, and then once every six weeks, everybody needs a tune-up. I need a tune-up. It’s just like a car. You have to maintain it.

It’s not a once and done situation. If I am holding clients, I mean, I’ve had clients for 12 years, but they’re doing their maintenance work, and if they stumble a little bit, they come in for three weeks, they’re good to go again. I personally feel like a good healer isn’t holding onto you very long because you should also be doing your work. If you’re not, I might excuse you because I’m not going to do your work for you. So when you’re ready to actually wake up and sit down and meditate or go outside or explore how many times a day you’re saying something negative about yourself and really meet those parts of yourself, then we should be able to get through things in about three months max.

We clear blocks, and we work with stories, and we work with legacies, and sometimes we have to do work in past lives. Still, the truth is we’re just trying to meet you in your divine loveliness, help you remember the gifts that you’re supposed to share, and then you can not only know your spirit guides intimately, you can trust yourself. You cannot be pushed around. You can stand up for yourself, you can help others learn how to do that, and you can move into your spiritual purpose because every one of us comes here with a gift.

There are exceptions to those rules, but this is really about everyone doing their work and meeting themselves where they are. Once you start to experience that self-love and let go that story of survivorship or whatever your story is, it’s such an incredible exhale for your body and your soul that you know. You know when you’re done.

What Does It Mean To Be Grounded? 

When you’re grounded into the truth of who you are, you’re much more difficult to push around. If you are genuinely honoring who you are, you are grounded. You can do that by being grounded in your body. That means feeling the energy in your legs and your feet. So imagine this, Imagine that you’re a tree. I know this might sound crazy, but try it. Imagine you’re a tree and think about and feel how far and wide and deep your roots go. We are no different as humans; We need to be grounded into the earth. We need to feel that connection. And when you get there, everything else starts to unfold.

The biggest thing I can say is to meditate and go outside. I mean, it really will change your life. It is that simple. You don’t have to buy anything. You can start there, and your higher self will naturally kick in, and your true self will naturally go, “Okay, I don’t need to do this. I’m okay. I’m enough.”

It’s incredible how natural it is if we’re willing to take the time and the space to sink into our body and ground and trust ourselves and our knowing because we all know it’s in there. We know what’s right for us and what’s not.

Trick To Ground: Make a fist with your thumb tucked under your four fingers. Do it right now. Have both feet on the ground when you do it and notice. Can you feel the energy of your body draws down into your feet? You can. I know that you can, but if that one doesn’t work, the other option is to keep your thumb where it is and make peace fingers and put those down.

One of those two will help you ground.  When you go see a healer, you want simple tools that you can do on your own without spending money. That’s what you want. That’s what a good healer is doing for you. Yes, I can sell you some essential oils. Yes, there are some other things that we can sell you that can be of service, but we have most of what we need is inside of us. We have to remember how to access it.

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What Does It Mean When We Feel Our “Gut?” 

It’s your higher knowing; It’s absolutely your higher knowing. If you start paying attention, which you’ll be able to do if you do just 10 minutes of meditation and 20 minutes outside daily. When you begin to quiet yourself, you’re going to be able to listen in a new way. There is a feeling that comes with that listening; It could be explained as a charge. It’s a knowing through every cell of your being. For me, and most people, most of my colleagues and most people that I know who are listening, the higher knowing comes from the right side, and it just moves sort of straight into you. But then there’s also a feeling of light and energetic charge that is peaceful. Like when you and I talked about doing this Q&A, it was incredible.

So the higher knowing, first of all, there’s no fear. There’s no fear. Worry does nothing for us in this day and age. I mean, yes, it’s good to have a fear response in fight or flight if there’s a lion or if you’re living in the city and you have to pay attention in those ways for safety. But we’re talking about personal growth or remembering our true selves; fear isn’t of service. That’s the first thing I’ll say. Love is what you’re going for. It’s self-love. It’s love for even the worst criminal that you can think of. It’s love for everything. And that might seem oversimplified, but it is the truth.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Energy Field Against Negative Energy?

So again, coming back to being grounded, there’s nothing more important that you can do for yourself than be grounded. And that’s true. You might need some visualization tools for that. The tree is the best one I can think of, But you need to be grounded. And when you’re grounded, you’re connected to the whole. When you’re connected to the whole, you can feel that divine love and light inside of you, and then also when that energy comes at you, instead of it sticking, it moves through you, down your legs and out. That’s energetically what happens. You can talk about somebody who’s in New York if you’re in Colorado, but you’re creating an energy portal, and that message is sent to their field.

Nobody even needs to be around you that’s throwing shit at you. It can be from a different country even. But if you’re grounded, that energy is going to.move through your field, it’s going to come in and move out your feet, and it won’t stick. And that’s important.

Let’s say you don’t have the money to see a healer; you don’t know where to begin. Go outside, start hiking, start feeling your feet. Breathe with intention deep into your feet. People say, “How do you do that?” Energy follows consciousness. Just think about it. It’s all about intention. So just intend your breath to come all the way down to your feet and start getting grounded and start feeling your connection to the whole, start feeling that you’re interconnected to all life.

Start paying attention to the small stuff, the butterflies, the bees, the mud, the grass. Notice, It matters. It counts. And when you start to get grounded, your life becomes a lot easier.

What Are Some Trusted Products You Can Use To Clear Your Home? 

So if you’re looking to clear your house, Palo Santo, which is a piece of wood, It’s not exciting, but you light it on fire, and you get it good and hot, and then you blow it out, and you move through your house with the intention of clearing anything that’s not serving your highest good. You should hit every doorway, every window, every 90-degree angle, and you move through it with intention.  Of course, sage, we all know sage can do it, but Palo santo’s stronger. So if you’re feeling like something creepy is in your house, go for the palo santo.

Himalayan pink sea salt. If your kids are having nightmares or you’re having nightmares, put some sea salt by your bed or a salt lamp. It doesn’t have to be on; it’s just the salt that counts—a bay leaf with some dragon’s blood. Dragon’s blood is cheap perfumey oil, but energies that are not of our highest good hate it. And so that’s a good thing to put around your windows. Any of those products will assist with spiritual cleansing.



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Can Essential Oils Be Of Use With Energy Healing? 

I love working with essential oils; I think they are amazing. I’m just struggling that they’re associated with MLM’s. It’s a very tough topic.  I can confidently recommend two therapeutic grade essential oil companies. One is doTERRA, and one is Wisdom of the Earth. Wisdom of the Earth is tough to come by because you really can only get it through individuals who’ve been through the training.

Essential oils are not a do no harm product. There are contraindications for people that are pregnat, if you’re on antibiotics, if you are going through radiation treatment for cancer, do not use essential oils. They are photosensitive. However, after you do your research and are cleared for use, if you like the way something smells, it’s probably of service to you.

So as long as you know you’re not hitting any of those contraindications, you can pretty much use anything. A couple of great ones are tea tree oil or melaleuca. They’re the same thing used for boundaries of energy. So you can just put it all over yourself. It’s fantastic. You can also drink it. It gets rid of all kinds of parasites, yeast, anything in your gut you can drink, by these two companies. Now don’t go to Whole Foods or Amazon and buy whatever they’ve got on the shelf. You can’t drink that stuff. And you can’t drink all the essential oils, but tea tree oil is a great oil that you can drink like three drops in water.

You can do liver cleanses with lemon and peppermint. Half a lemon and eight ounces of water every morning is a great way to cleanse your liver, and you will feel great. Clary Sage is a beautiful oil to put on your third eye, which is your sixth chakra that one brings clarity and vision. Another excellent oil for women in particular for cramps is cypress. Cypress is the oil of motion and flow, So when you’re cramping your stagnant, right? It’s tight. When you put like three or four drops of cypress oil on your abdomen, you will feel the relief of your cramps within minutes. It’s remarkable!

So all the essential oils have a very specific emotional quality, spiritual quality, and physical quality. So I encourage you, if essential oils are your thing, find an aromatherapist because they do have particular ways of use. Sometimes you put them on your feet, it just depends. You can’t use all of them neat on your skin, some of them need a carrier oil. So essential oils you need a little bit more guidance with. My only challenge with some companies is they’re not training their sellers on some of the contraindications. So I would say, please find an aromatherapist and don’t necessarily trust the advocate for a particular company because they’re not doing the same kind of training that I think is necessary. After all, you can do harm.

What’s The Deal With Crystals?

You have to be careful with crystals. The first thing you do is clear the crystal, you can do this by burying it, putting it outside for three days or more in the sun, and the moonlight, or you can also stick it in a river or a creek for a couple of days. This is VERY important!  Your expensive crystals were probably… Oh, you do, you want me to answer this question?

So they were probably mined through slavery. That’s the first thing you should know. So already it’s carrying a negative charge. Because all of that was mined the Congo you guys, it’s bad news if not handled correctly.

I have crystals and use them in energy healing, I will say, they can be an excellent tool, and each crystal does carry a particular charge… Rose quartz is about love, Citrine is about healing. Crystals have a lot of power

You need to do this regularly, not just when you get the crystal, but once a month clear it. If you have a larger crystal, negative energies can come through, so it’s essential to cover it up at night if it’s been polished. Some crystal appears more like a rock with rough edges, and some of them have been polished like glass. The polished crystals you need to cover up at night because negative energies can use them as a portal. The earth has made them, and they are a gift that carries energetic vibrations. They are lovely for healing but need to be used responsibly.

When you think about plants and medicinal plants along with herbs or even things you grow in your garden. Basil, tomatoes, they all have a therapeutic and medicinal property. We have chamomile tea, a great example. Chamomile tea, people love it for the calming effect. Same with lavender, when lavender is quite powerful and can help you move through some unresolved anger for better or worse.

Crystals are excellent, but just like lavender and chamomile, they each have their own healing property. Anything that the earth has brought us if you pay attention, we are not here because of us. We are here because the earth has provided for us, and everything that it makes has a purpose. And so if we step away and go, “Oh, of course, it makes total sense.” So the crystals have a purpose. It is a rock, but it is imbued with a specific energy.

Less is More. 

Do We All Have Spirit Guides? 

So when you’re born… I’m going to only speak the truth as I understand it to be. It might not sit well with everyone, and that’s okay, but this is what I know it to be. When you’re born, you come with spirit guides, and they are working, they are actively working to serve you. You may or may not be receptive to hear them, but when we talk about your higher self, we’re talking about your spirit guides giving you information. It’s a lot of work for your spirit guides to communicate with you. They come from a different dimension, and to communicate with you in whatever language you speak, it’s tough, so they communicate more in pictures and feelings.

If they do use words, it’s usually quick. And to the point there’s no bullshit, sometimes they’re repetitive. If it’s vital, they’ll be repetitive, and you’re like, “Why do I feel compelled to go to the park and check on my kid?” Or whatever it is, they are trying to communicate to you. But you’re getting pushed. I mean, you’re getting forced because they are pushing you out of love. The thing to know about spirit guides is that they’re there for you for love. Everybody receives them.

Sometimes energies want to pose as spirit guides and aren’t feeding you the good information. With that said, you have to use discernment if you feel like you’re being pushed into directions that are not safe or don’t serve your highest good. But by and large, most people don’t even realize that they’re there. You may or may not ever see them, but you should be able to feel them. That feeling is warmth. It’s unconditional love.

Your spirit guides feel right to you, and they are mostly coming from a place of love and trying to protect and guide you, but you have to open to receive the information. A lot of this is on your soul. When your soul is ready to wake up, you’re going to be able to hear them and feel them more easily. A lot of times and almost always, your suffering is what wakes you up because you’re like, “I can’t fucking do this anymore.” So pain does serve a purpose. Sometimes we grapple with it like, “Why is everyone suffering?”

It’s to wake you up. And then spiritual purpose.

The more you meditate, the more you go outside in nature, the more that part of you will become natural. And as that part becomes natural, the rest unfolds.

If you feel like you have a negative spirit guide posing as positive, what should you do? 

Oh, you tell them firmly grounded, again, back to being grounded and loving, but firmly to get the fuck out, for real. You can swear. And then cleanse your house. You can just put a little dragon’s blood on your shoulder. They don’t like it. They’ll go away. They hate the dragon’s blood.

You can’t put the cart before the horse here. People want to meet their spirit guides. We’ll sit down, wake up, and go outside and come home to yourself first. You have to come home to yourself first; then the rest starts to unfold. So as a healer, my job is to help you come home to yourself to help you remember the truth of who you are to help you remember self-love.

Do Energy Healing & Therapy Work Well Together?

I would not treat them independently. Again, nothing is independent; it’s all interconnected. I have a couple of colleagues that are therapists, and we recommend each other because sometimes you need both. So we know what therapy is. We understand what talk therapy is. I am working physically in an energetic way. So if you have trauma that is trapped in your body, it doesn’t matter how much talking you do, you might only need one session from me to kind of shake that loose. And then, you can go back to your talk therapist and experience tremendous growth.

Often I’ll see a client one week, then they’ll go to their therapist the next week, and they’ll alternate. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, those people who are making that commitment to themselves heal so quickly and so fully, it’s incredible.

Does It Energy Healing Help With Anxiety?

Anxiety is a big one. You’re not living your truth. And you are fearful and likely if you have anxiety, you don’t trust. Likely if you have anxiety, you’re getting bowled over a lot. This is you not being grounded in yourself; anxiety is rooted in fear. Anxiety and depression are deeply linked. Not feeling able to live and express your true self fully is what that’s about. So in here for anxiety, we do a ton of grounding work. If you’re anxious, you are not living in your legs and your feet.

You are living in your head, and you’re fearful in your heart. And so we explore. First, we ground and get you safe. Then we start to explore where does the anxiety comes from? Same with depression. First, we ground, then we begin to explore it. Usually, it’s a fear of self, lack of self-worth, lack of self-love, lack of self-trust. It’s not the easiest thing to deal with. Anxiety and depression are hard. They’re constant; they’re rooted.

I’ve seen a lot of success, and there are things like mudras, which are hand gestures basically like yoga for the hands, which can be incredibly useful for anxiety and depression. But really for anxiety, mudras are very useful, and so that’s easy. You’re just learning a hand gesture, and then anytime you feel anxious you put your hands in a particular position, and it moves the energy. It’s straightforward.

This is your journey. Take your time or go fast. Whatever works for you.

I hope you found this sit down with Jessica as insightful as I did. We are going to do a follow-up post and to continue discussing this topic and would love to include you in the dialogue. Please leave your questions in the comments section. If you are interested in setting up an energy healing session with Jessica, you can contact her here.