We’re currently obsessed with… films! Photography is everywhere– Instagram, blogs, Facebook– but we hardly ever see cool, creative films and videos popping up. When I met crazy talented videographer Emily Hard — I knew she had to capture Zelda’s birth! Even though everyone thought I was crazy for allowing a videographer into the delivery room, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.emilyThat’s not all this RAD Mom is up to. Emily is also the Editor + Producer for nationally renowned on-line video magazine, Glossed and Found. In addition, she is the entrepreneur mama behind Emily Hard Films, where she captures special moments such as births and couples saying “I do.”
Before immersing herself in film, Emily studied telecommunications at Indiana University and then began her career as a camera director for an ABC affiliate. After quickly learning that TV news wasn’t where she wanted to be, her passion for telling stories led her to finding her creative niche as a filmmaker. (You go girl!)
This digital storyteller continues to capture the many facets of fashion, beauty and style (don’t forget those weddings and births, too!). Emily currently resides in Chicago, Illinois with her fam, including adorable littles Remi and Nova. We can’t wait to see what she captures with her camera next. Follow her adventures on Instagram.
Illustration by The Unexpected Type
Little’s Names & Ages: Remi, 2 & Nova, almost 4 months
Top Beauty Product You Must Have as a Mom: The Beachwaver!  If you don’t know…now you know!  This curling iron literally does the work for you.  Time saver, check.  Easy, check.  Looks like you spent hours, when all you have is minutes.  I’ve known about this for awhile but only recently tried it and I’m officially obsessed.
Top 3 Pieces Of Baby or Kids Gear: For my baby, the Moby Wrap is priceless.  We haven’t even gotten the stroller out!  I just wear her everywhere we go – it’s lovely. Shoes…this list could go on for days!  But we love Vans and the Aigle Rain Boot is totally priceless, because Remi loves being outside no matter what the weather is like.
My number one best purchase as a mom has been  (drumroll….) the Tommee Tippee Bib!  We went through so many different types of bibs and one day found this.  It’s amazing, we have 2 and I think we will never have to buy another bib ever again.  Just rinse off after a meal and it’s ready to go.
Favorite Kids Clothing Brand: Well this is a toss-up…I love Mini Mioche and Childhoods Clothing.
Activity You Love to Do With Your Littles: Remi and I just started swim class at Goldfish Swim School and we love it!  The best part is when you sign up for a class you get family swim included during the week – it is the perfect thing to do in the winter to get out of the house and get some exercise.  Also, I can’t say enough about the Chicago Children’s Museum.  We have a season pass and it’s totally worth it.  We’ve also been taking soccer class with Lil’ Kickers and Remi totally loves it.
Your Secret Obsession When You Get an Hour to Yourself: I dream of just going shopping with no kids – ha!  Right now, I especially want to go to my neighborhood Antique Mall and find some gems.  I’m also in love with the Good Deal Garage in Andersonville – I could wander this place for hours dreaming up projects.
Closet Staple That You Can’t Live Without: I’m in love with everything from Winifred Grace.  I have a necklace with both of my girl’s birth-dates and a ring with the Virgo constellation because all three of us are Virgo’s!
Favorite Appetizer Recipe to Make for Your Littles: My daughter Remi loves Guacamole, which is hilarious.  But I usually don’t make it, although I know it’s easy to make, I like to buy it and it’s an easy afternoon snack. Click here to get the recipe.