Emily Charron is a ridiculously talented blogger and digital advertising professional. She currently lives and plays among the skyscrapers of Chicago with her little, Gracie Kay. Originally from Michigan, this mama is currently the Social and Digital Engagement Manager at McDonald’s, where she helps run the entire social and digital network for national campaigns for the brand. (SO, so rad!)e-charronOn top of her already insane career, she is also the voice behind Isn’t That Charming, a life and style website featuring inspiration for living a charmed life—and we are obsessed! Her blog features brilliantly styled snapshots of her ever-evolving life, style and creative pursuits. Emily is also a co-founder of Wandeleur, a creative lifestyle website for those who aspire + inspire. It taps into the insight of exceptional individuals, provides tips and tricks, and highlights a colorful lifestyle.Emily-Charron-Rad-Mom
Illustration by The Unexpected Type
Little’s Name & Age: Gracie Kay; 6 months
Top Beauty Product You Must Have as a Mom: As a mom, convenience is key! My core essentials are Bare Minerals mascara and blush, and Burt’s Bees lip moisturizer. I find that combo to bring a perfect fresh-faced look while being quick and easy.
Favorite Lipstick Color: I’m a firm believer in the power of gorgeous red lips! I love Chanel’s Rouge Allure Lip Color in Insaisissable. It’s classic and looks amazing with any outfit.
Top 3 Pieces Of Baby Gear: When Gracie was a few months old, we used Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit, which was a life changer because it helped her to sleep for longer periods of time. Now at 6 months, we’re no longer using the sleepsuit, but she consistently sleeps 10 – 12 hours a night. I swear it’s all due to the sleepsuit, which helped her to learn to sleep through the night.
Another must-have is the Baby Bjorn, which Gracie loves to sit in as I do errands and run around the house. My most-read book is Baby 411, which is basically a baby bible and the best resource for any question!
Favorite Kids Clothing Brand: There’s a small brand called Sammy & Nat that is my favorite. All the clothes are made of the softest pima cotton that is naturally hypo-allergenic and have adorably simple designs. I also love that a female entrepreneur runs the company – I’m always looking for girl bosses to support!
Activity You Love To Do With Your Little: We go on family walks as much as possible, even if it’s a little cold out. It’s such a fun way to get some fresh air, take a break from technology, and show Gracie that the world is a big, amazing place that should be explored.
Your Secret Obsession When You Get an Hour to Yourself: I wish I had a more fun answer for this, but the truth is that whenever I get a free moment I’m catching up on emails, my blogs and social media! I make an effort to turn off technology when I’m with my family, which means that I often have lots of catching up to do at the end of the day or week. As geeky as this sounds, I find writing for my blogs invigorating and relaxing. So for me it’s a great way to unwind and get some creative juices flowing. (With a glass of wine or coffee in hand, of course!)
Closet Staple That You Can’t Live Without: My vintage black leather jacket. I found it at a consignment store ages ago, and it’s been the most-worn item in my closet ever since.
What is Your Favorite Dessert Recipe to Make for Your Littles? Gracie is still pretty young, so we’re working on basics like veggies right now! But my hubby and I love to make Strawberry Shortcake, which I’m sure Grace will love as soon as she’s able to enjoy it. Click here to get the recipe.