Sugarwish was started by two Rad Moms from Denver (Leslie Lyon and Elisabeth Vezzani), who believed that there had to be a better way to gift. Both were tired of giving the same impersonal gift cards and gift certificates to celebrate every occasion. Gift giving had become an empty ritual of handing gift cards back and forth, and they knew there had to be a better way.  The challenge was to think of a new way to give a gift that would bring thoughtfulness back to giving. It needed to be more “FUN” for the recipient, without making more work for the gift giver.
Glitter and Bubbles' features the founders of Sugarwish as RAD Moms.
And that’s how Sugarwish was born. Sugarwish is an online candy gift that allows the receiver to pick the candy that they get.  A Sugarwish starts as an eCard, which guides the recipient to a “virtual candy store” where they select their favorite treats, from over 80 yummy choices. Sugarwish packages the candy in a beautiful blue box, ties it with a red ribbon, and ships it directly to the recipient’s doorstep.
The best part? Our friends at Sugarwish are helping us spread the love just in time for Mother’s Day! One lucky reader will win two Wish & Dish’s, one for mom and one for themselves. They are valued at $95 each and your recipient gets to choose the four candy refills that come with the dish. How sweet is that?! Just head over to Instagram to enter.
Glitter and Bubbles' features the founders of Sugarwish as RAD Moms.
Little’s Names & Ages: Elisabeth: Johnny 13 & Kate 9 Leslie: Not so little, Jack 13, Nick 16 & Luke 18
One Beauty Product That You Both Love: Elisabeth: Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face OilLeslie: Fresh’s Sugar Lip Scrub and Brown Sugar Body Polish. (I like anything with Sugar.)
Favorite Kids Clothing Brands: Elisabeth: My daughter loves Hello Apparel — the rainbow t-shirt is her go to shirt, Johnny lives in soccer jerseys…any brand. Leslie: I have teenage boys—so Nike (or anything that looks good without needing to be ironed —or folded —or put away…or totally clean).
One Item That Every Mom Should Have in Her Closet: Elisabeth and Leslie: Tieks and Chucks! And most importantly, a great pair of jeans that makes her look very un-mom-like.
The Best Thing About Running a Successful Business Together: Elisabeth: That it’s successful! We’ve got very different strengths…but ones that really compliment each other. We have the same taste and ultimate goal for Sugarwish, so we are on the same page for just about everything. Leslie: That we’re together! We work non-stop… but we always keep our sense of humor.  We laugh constantly.
How You Got the Idea for Sugarwish: Leslie: It started as a conversation about a lack of clever gifts.  We were convinced that there had to be a way to create a gift that was easy to give, fun to receive and would be both thoughtful and unique.  Our conversation turned into a meeting…and then several (hundred!) meetings. We knew we had big potential with Sugarwish.  We both felt compelled to make it happen.  So we created a website, set ourselves up as an official “company,” and (fast forward )… grew into a booming business. Whew! Elisabeth: Like Leslie said…it was all my idea.
The One Piece of Advice You Would Give Moms That Want to Start Their Own Business: Elisabeth: If you have an idea you are excited about—you have to just go for it.  There is never a “right” time and life will get in the way if you let it. Ready? Set?  (…Go anyway.) Leslie: Pace yourself.  If all goes the way you hope—you’ll be in it for a long time. (Think Marathon — not Sprint.) Also….I’d give the same advice that people gave me before I had kids. Spend time with your husband and get LOTS of sleep while you can. Both of those things will be in short supply once your business gets underway.
The One Candy You Are Both Crushing Hard On: Elisabeth: Licorice, All-Sorts. Leslie: Slo-Pokes (or anything caramel!).
Tips for Working Moms: 1. If you want to spend time with your family or friends–unplug from work completely. Even if it means you will have less time to hang out, it’ll be way more fun. This is the hardest advice for us to follow.  Almost 4 years into Sugarwish and we both still struggle with this. 2. There is always more to do.  Try and get comfortable with doing enough…because it will never be everything.
3. Be sure to do at least one work thing that you love each day.  It will remind you of why you chose the career/job in the first place. We love doing the creative part of Sugarwish—email campaigns, Instagram posts, etc. We probably won’t ever hire someone to take over that part of the business because that would be like eating dinner and then hiring someone else to come eat our dessert for us. And we love dessert.
Favorite Candy Filled Recipe: Piñata Cupcakes! Click here to get the recipe.