I love to color Easter eggs. It’s honestly one of my favorite childhood memories, so I absolutely adore doing it now with Zelda and I’m very excited she seems to enjoy it as much as I always have. But here’s the catch with Easter eggs – what do you do with all them after you’re done dying them?! I mean you can only eat so many hard-boiled eggs. This is why this year I decided we were going to do a better job of making use out of our colored Easter eggs.

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I showed you how we dyed our eggs in this post – you’ve probably noticed quite the theme happening around the blog in the last week with all my Easter craft projects, but that’s because they’re all leading up to my Easter table reveal, which includes all the fun little projects Zelda and I have been working on lately. Definitely stay tuned for that!

How to use eggs on your Easter table.How to color eggs with Glitter and Bubbles.

Anyway, we did two things with all the eggs we previously dyed. First, we used them as name cards for our table setting. So instead of using a folded paper card to write each person’s name on, we swapped in the eggs and wrote the initial of each person on an egg. Then, we placed each one in an adorable little egg cup that I found at the grocery store of all places. So cute and easy right?!

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Second, I wanted to somehow incorporate the eggs into our little floral display at the center of the table. I grabbed the egg carton the eggs came in, painted it pink (you can do any color you like) and realized “Happy Easter” plus one egg with a cross fit perfectly in the carton! So I put one letter on each egg and drew a cross and then displayed right in the middle of the table.

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To draw the letters, just grab a sharpie and use your best handwriting. I went for a kind of script-style lettering, but if you don’t have great handwriting, go with a simple block-style to keep it looking neat.

Corri McFadden and her daughter Zelda celebrate Easter with the perfect table setting on Glitter and Bubbles.

And that’s it! Now you’ve got a fun way to display your eggs, which a lot of people don’t realize this, but the egg is actually an ancient symbol of new life. From a Christian perspective, Easter eggs are said to represent Jesus’ emergence from the tomb and resurrection. So it’s really neat to be able to incorporate them even more into our Easter celebration!

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