Looking for a cute and easy way to temporarily spruce up your kiddies shelves? These bunny egg DIY’s are perfect! The best part is your little ones can help you make them. You will need 2 hardboiled eggs, white cardstock, scissors, this template from minted.com, markers, and a hot glue gun. Place two eggs in a pot of water over high heat. Boil for approximately 26 minutes. Remove from heat and let the eggs cool. egg-supplies Cut out the shapes on the template. Next, trace the shapes onto the white cardstock. Use the markers to decorate the ears, torso, and legs. Once the eggs are done cooling, draw a face on each of them. I opted to make one a boy and one a girl. egg-dolls Fold the bottoms of the ears together, securing with a dab of hot glue. Next, attach the ears to the sides of the egg using the glue gun. egg-bunny Roll the torso into a tube and glue the edges together. Next, fold the legs so that the top can be tucked under and glued to the torso. Also bend the legs at the knees. Once everything is securely glued together, place the egg on top of the torso, the egg should fit nicely.  Place on your shelf and enjoy! egg-bunny-diy