4 Easy Ways to Make Edible Glitter at Home

So you want to jazz up your baked goods but you’re not sure how? Edible glitter – that’s our answer to everything! Store bought glitter can get expensive and even worse, it can be toxic if certain items on the labels don’t feel familiar. That’s why our friends at Shari’s Berries decided to try 4 methods for making glitter you can actually eat! Tylose powder, gelatin, raw sugar and gum arabic are all easy to find (and if you are a baker, you may already have these in your home!). While some produce more shimmer than others, there is one for each of your baked masterpieces. What are you waiting for? Go on and get sparkling!

How to make edible glitter.

How to make raw sugar edible glitter.How to make gelatin based edible glitter.How to make gum arabic based edible glitter. How to make gelatin based edible glitter.How to make tylose powder based edible glitter.



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