Last week I mentioned I teamed up with Greektown to showcase their amazing offerings. Today’s installment is all about food. I receive three to four texts a week from friends asking me what to order in Greektown. After being with a Greek for nearly a decade, I have my order down. Since I’m asked so frequently, I have my order saved in my phone notes so that when someone asks, I can copy and paste it into a text. Take a peek below to see what you should order to eat the perfect Greek meal. I filmed this video with my family at Greek Islands and it teaches you how to order Greek food like a Greek in Greektown. Even better, I’m also sharing one of Spiro’s famous Greek recipes so you can cook at home like a Greek too!

If you’ve ever had dinner at my house, chances are you’ve witnessed Spiro’s souvlakia show. (It’s highly entertaining and extremely tasty!) He decided to share his famous souvlakia recipe with you, so you can create a souvlakia show in your home. This recipe is so delicious and odds are, you’ve probably never made anything like it before. It is super simple, only takes a little bit of time, is very inexpensive and you’re guaranteed to have leftovers. It’s also extremely entertaining for your guests to watch you cook this. Try it out and also make sure to include this homemade tzatziki recipe because you MUST have it in order to make the souvlakia. Once you master this, you can consider yourself and honorary Greek (like me!). Please share pictures and comment below if you try it out. I am dying to see your creations!

Lots of love to Greentown Chicago for sponsoring this post! It is partnerships like this that make documenting our journey possible.