We have been celebrating Easter big time this year around our house. The funny part is that we’re not actually hosting it, but I never miss an opportunity to craft with Zelda. And craft we have these past few weeks! Hopefully you’ve seen my Paper Chain Wall Hanging DIY post, Zelda’s adorable Peep Pops and our dyed Easter eggs and our Easter egg centerpiece because I’m using all four of those projects to build out what I think is one of my best, most festive Easter tablescapes ever!

Corri McFadden and Zelda enjoy their Easter table. How to set the table this Easter.

So even though we aren’t hosting a big party, I still wanted to take the time to not only craft with Zelda, but create those lasting memories that holidays are all about. And since we had so much Easter-themed decor around the house from our projects, I decided to put together a tablescape for us to have our own little family Easter before heading out of town. Of course I want to share my process with you all along with 5 quick tips to creating your own impressive Easter table!

How to make the best Easter table.

5 Tips to Creating An Impressive Easter Table (With What You Already Have!)

1. Don’t worry about all your place settings matching.

One of the most fun parts about this particular tablescape was taking an easy, more laid back approach. Even if we were hosting a bunch of people, I like it when things are more eclectic instead of running out and buying perfect matching everything. And I think that’s important to know if you’re putting together a tablescape for the first time – it doesn’t have to be perfect! If you take a look through what you already have, there’s more than likely some kind of vibe already happening because they’re all your taste!

My point is, don’t stress about this stuff! As long as everyone has a plate, you’ll be good to go. If you do happen to be in the market for some Easter table goodies though, I do, of course, have some recommendations.

Easter table place settings.How to create the perfect Easter table. An adorable Easter place setting on Glitter and Bubbles.


2. DIY the main components and include everyone!

DIY projects are even more fun when everyone coming to your party or family meal contributes. Get your plates and silverware set out, but leave the centerpiece of the table empty so everyone can create it together. If you haven’t checked out our Peep Pops post yet, this would be a fantastic little activity to complete your Easter table that can involve everyone. It also makes for a fun activity for the kids in addition to an egg hunt.

Paper Chain wall hanging DIY on Glitter and Bubbles.An easy egg place setting for Easter.An easy Easter DIY with Glitter and Bubbles.How to make an adorable Easter centerpiece.How to make an Easter Peep Pop centerpiece. How to set your table this Easter with Glitter and Bubbles.

3. Pickup great accessories after the holiday or during off season.

I say this with just a little bit of arrogance because now that we live in a single family home, I actually have the storage space to buy holiday decor in the off season and then tuck it away. Whether you have space or not though, don’t go out and by a bunch of random crap you don’t need. I’m more so referring to a pretty pair of napkin rings that happen to be on sale or maybe dessert plates. A year probably seems like a long time to wait to use something, but think of it as a nice little gift to yourself that you’ll more than likely forget about and then be surprised by next year.

How to pick out the perfect Easter decor. How to create the perfect pastel Easter table on Glitter and Bubbles. Corri McFadden shows Zelda how to create the perfect Easter table.

4. Use items from around the house.

When I’m setting up a festive table, I like to pull things from around the house. Think vases, baskets, decorative bowls, etc. For example, I grabbed pink vases that usually sit in our TV room on a shelf and used them to hold daisies as the finishing touch on the centerpiece of our table. Look around and think outside the box a bit! And if in doubt, Pinterest is always there for inspiration!


How to use items from around the house to make an Easter Table.A peek at the details on Corri McFadden's Easter table.

5. Split the table for adults and kids.

Splitting the table gives you the opportunity to do something a little more kid-friendly at their end of the table. For our table, I used the Peep Pops to decorate the kid’s end. I think it makes the kids feel special and like they have their own area. To tie it all together with the adult end, use the same color palette but make it a more refined using pieces like the pink vases I mentioned above.

Boom! You have an Easter table! I hope this provided you with some inspiration, but ultimately, it’s who’s sitting at the table with you that matters most! Happy Easter everyone!

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