Not long ago I mentioned that Zelda is showing an appreciation for clothes and loves dressing herself, but that interest transcends our morning routine. Playing dress up is something that she has caught on to and enjoys doing frequently. I can’t even count the number of times she has slipped on a pair of my shoes and tried to take them for a spin! Since I don’t see this letting up anytime soon, I started browsing for some kids costumes for her to play around in and I could not believe how awesome the results were!
There is something for every kid’s interest and since there is always that chance of them refusing to take it off when you go to the grocery store, you can breathe a little easier, because these are adorable.
Play time dress up pieces every kid should have in their closet by Glitter and Bubbles.


1. Bandit Costume // 2. Detective Costume // 3. Doc McStuffins Costume // 4. Knight Costume // 5. Wings // 6. Swan Dress // 7. Superhero Costume // 8. Dinosaur Costume// 9. Crown // 10. Doctor Set // 11. Cat Mask // 12. Unicorn Horn // 13. Waiter Costume // 14. Winged Helmet // 15. Bunny Ears // 16. Rainbow Glasses // 17. Ballerina Costume // 18. Rainbow Cape // 19. Tool Belt // 20. Dress Up Closet