Playing dress up has quickly become one of Zelda’s favorite ways to spend our mornings together. I love that she has taken such an interest in experimenting with her creativity in the way of fashion. She’ll dress up as a princess or a superhero or whatever her heart is feeling that particular day, and it’s unbelievable to watch. Her imagination just sparks in a way I’ve never seen before. There’s so much magic in her eyes and seeing that happen is amazing for me as her mom – and fellow fashion lover.

Seeing how much Zelda is loving dressing up as a princess got me thinking it would be a great post to share for anyone out there who wants to create a similar experience for their child. Call this the ‘princess dress up chest starter kit’!

How to create the perfect dress up chest for your child.

The first recommendation I have is to get a chest or storage unit of some kind that is accessible to your child. Whether it lives in their bedroom or in a playroom, it should just be in a place where they can always access it. You can make it the center point of the room to go along with a greater princess theme, or you can keep it more hidden away. Whatever works better for your space and personal style.

A little girl stands in front of her dress up chest on Glitter and Bubbles.

We have this toy chest in Zelda’s room and it works perfectly. She knows exactly where all her princess gear is and usually has herself dressed up by 7:30am every morning. If you want to make it more of a display, I really like this dress up storage center, or for a little bit of a larger option, this dress up unit.

Before we go further, I also want to add that any of these dress up outfits would make a fantastic gift. It can be hard sometimes to shop for kids Zelda’s age, but I guarantee the princess vibe will always be a home run and super unique.

Zelda of Glitter and Bubbles plays dress up in a pink tutu on her Crate & Barrel bunk beds.

My second recommendation is to gather up all the best princess apparel you can. You can purchase these items over time or all at once, whichever works better for your family. Below are some of Zelda’s favorite dresses and accessories in her princess dress up chest:

See which Disney Princess costumes Zelda of Glitter and Bubbles has in her dress up chest.

You can’t have a princess chest without some of the classic Disney princesses! Zelda is a big fan of Rapunzel so we went all out with the Rapunzel set—a dress, tiara, shoes and jewelry.

Rapunzel Dress

Ariel Costume

Elena of Avalor Dress

Rapunzel Tiara

Rapunzel Jewelry

Rapunzel Shoes

How to create the perfect dress up chest with items for a Tea Time Fairy Princess.

Tea time has officially become a morning ritual in our house and I love every minute of it. The pretend jewelry set really lets Zelda deck herself out and her imagination runs wild. There’s also plenty of pieces, so if the tea party has multiple princesses, no one has to fight over who gets what.

Tea Time Fairy Princess Costume

Pretend Jewelry Set

Dress Up Shoes

Princess Cape

Pretend Sugar Cookies

Purple Tea Set

How to Create the Perfect Fashion Princess Costume on Glitter and Bubbles.

Sometimes a girl just needs some glitter, tulle and a little bit of rainbow hair chalk. These options are great for when your child just wants to express herself—princess or not. Zelda loves to try different colors out in her hair and this is a great safe way to do it.

Sequin Striped Cape

Feather Headband

Star Tulle Skirt

Rainbow Hair Chalk

How to dress like the perfect superhero princess.

The other day Zelda layered a star skirt underneath her princess dress (you couldn’t see the star skirt) and said it was her hidden superhero powers and that she was a superhero princess. Seeing her little mind at work and coming up with these ideas is so awesome. I know your superhero princess will love these outfits just as much as Zelda!

Batgirl Costume

Superhero Set

Supergirl Costume

Where to find the best dress up chests.

Whatever you stock your princess dress up chest with, it’s sure to be a creative, fun moment for your child, which is what matters most!

Dress Up Storage Center

Toy Chest

Let’s Play Dress