When my baby shower was in the planning stages, I knew that I didn’t want any of the traditional (and often times cheesy) shower games. So my mom created a fashionable DIY instead! She sourced a ton of accessories (jewels, lace, rosettes) and paper in all prints and patterns so everyone could create a custom paper doll keepsake for Baby Zelda, and it was a hit!
There was a second element to the project too. On the back of the doll each person wrote their name, and guessed what Zelda’s birthday, weight and time of birth will be. When Baby Zelda is born, we’re going to go back and look at each one, and whoever is closest is going to win a great prize from Baby Z! It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves, and I really love that years from now Zelda will be able to look back at all the dolls and see everyone who was at her shower, and what they created just for her!
Photo Credit: Kirsten Miccoli Photography
I would have never guessed that paper dolls could silence a room of 60 women, but they did! Everyone was so focused on their dolls that even food and drinks went untouched. Guests were too busy picking the perfect pattern for the dress they had thought of, or making sure Baby Z was well accessorized! 
Location: Tru Chicago
Check out everyone’s awesome dolls below or click here to see them on Facebook!