What if I told you I had a way to DIY Geode Napkin Rings for under .50 each!

I have loved the geode and crystal accessory trend that is everywhere you look.  When it comes to entertaining, I am always looking for ways to elevate my tablescapes around the holidays.  Entertaining can be expensive, and with the cost of gifts, food, and everything else that comes your way from now until the New Year, $30 napkin rings are most likely not at the top of your list. With that said, I am not afraid of a DIY.

While searching Oriental Trading for my holiday supplies, I came across break your own geodes. I thought if they worked, they would be perfect to DIY napkin rings for my Friendsgiving tablescape. The truth is on their site they didn’t look that appealing, but I figured if they weren’t what I was hoping for, they would be a fun activity for Zelda.


The geodes were everything I could have hoped for and more. Not only are they a great stress reliever to crack open (you get to whack them hard with a hammer), they are so crazy beautiful when they open. I would recommend that this is done by someone who is 12 years or older to avoid any smashed fingers.

With two simple steps and a short supply list, you can turn your cracked geodes into radiant geode napkin rings that will leave your guests seriously impressed.

Supplies Needed 

Crack Your Own Geodes

Napkin Rings

Spray Paint

Hot Glue Gun


so simple!

Step 1: Spray paint your napkin rings the desired color to match your tablescape. My accent color for the Friendsgiving tablescape is rose gold, so I selected Krylon Metallic Rose Gold Spray Paint, which worked perfectly!

Step 2:  Next you are going to hot glue a piece of your cracked geode to each napkin ring. If your napkin ring has a seam line this is the best piece to add your geode so it can be covered. Center the geode and affix with hot glue, that’s it!

In less than 30 minutes, you will have yourself a set of Geode napkin rings. The total unit cost for each napkin ring is under .50 cents and will make such an impact on your table setting. This is truly a DIY that anyone can tackle, no Pinterest fails here!

With the holidays quickly approaching, these would also make great gifts from the kids for grandparents, teachers, etc. What are you waiting for? Go Get Creative!