Having a well-organized workplace is more than just aesthetics. A clean, put-together space increases your productivity and minimizes stress (no more frantically searching for that spreadsheet last minute!). Not to mention, it makes you feel good! It’s easy to get a little lost when searching for pretty, functional desktop organization tools; there are a lot of options out there. I’ve curated some of my favorite pieces that I get really good mileage out of, they are the much sought after combination of functional and glam!
Everything should have its place. Pencils, business cards and even knick-knacks are desktop essentials. Solution? Get a great tray. This one by Poppin keeps any clutter contained while making sure you look pulled together. It’s also easy to tidy up in a jiffy when an unexpected visitor drops in.
Having a great mug that is just yours is a must. At the very least, it puts a smile on your face when you brew that 3pm cup of joe. I love anything Jonathan Adler, and these mugs are no exception. They’re simple and clean looking, and you won’t be embarrassed to have it sitting out on your desk.
Two more things that are great for desks: A candle and a small catchall tray. The candle is just going to make you feel good (who doesn’t need a little boost now and then?). Another use, though not so glam? When one of your co-workers heats up their not so pleasant lunch, you can get rid of the smell. Trust me, your fellow co-workers will thank you! The catchall is different than the large tray in the sense that it contains all those tiny things we all seem to lose track of. Paper clips elude us when we need them most, car keys, you get the idea.
Color blocking is another great desk decor trick. Black or white will go with any office, no matter what the decor or setting. Again, clean lines and simplicity is the key here. Another trick to adding some intrigue to your set-up? Instead of throwing your handbag under the desk, display it! It’s like a piece of art, and we all want to see that Chanel!
 Poppin makes great desk sets and office supplies. I’m partial to the Black Dream Desk Set and the White Starter Set. The black set is a bit more loaded, so if you have the space, go for it. It’s got everything you need and more. If you’re more of a minimalist, the white set is for you. You get the essentials for maximum work-space optimization.
Do you have any tricks for keeping a workspace organized? I’m always looking for new tricks, so make sure you share them below!