Did you recently get engaged and don’t know where to start? Begin by making a simple list of top priorities and work through them. While it might sound cliche, make sure wedding planning stays fun! Don’t allow it to become too overwhelming. After all, it is one of the most important days of your life…and it’s expensive. Don’t put a damper on the day by stressing yourself out. Additionally, find your dress early because this will help you set the tone for your entire wedding. Once you’ve found the one, you can begin selecting your bridesmaids and flower girl dresses.

Selecting wedding attire gets expensive quickly, but I’m going to let you in on a secret. Vera WangZac PosenJenny Peckham and Cynthia Rowley all have collections at David’s Bridal and most dresses are under $1,000. I was absolutely blown away to see the gowns they offer. With over 300 bridal salons, finding a store is easy! You can also opt to make an appointment online.

In addition to couture, runway-worthy bridal gowns, they also have an outstanding bridesmaids dress selection. I spent way too much time playing around on the site, selecting dresses and looking at them in every color imaginable. When Zelda sat down with me, we had even more fun looking at the flower girl dresses and accessories. If you’re not sure how to navigate the flower girl situation, we have some helpful flower girl guide tips. Zelda was a flower girl over the summer and we learned a lot!

Flower girls love being flower girls, but they need someone to watch over them and it shouldn’t be mom. Designate an adult in the wedding to be in charge of the flower girl. This will allow you to be seated comfortably as a wedding guest and not as a flower girl wrangler/uninvited person walking down the aisle. However, don’t get caught up in their behavior too much, it is okay if they aren’t perfect.

How to style a flower girl's dress from David's Bridal.

The ideal flower girl is between three and eight years old — this means growth spurts are inevitable! When you’re choosing the size, buy it long so it is easily altered or buy the dress 4-8 weeks prior to the big day. However, be aware of the delivery time so you aren’t paying for expedited shipping or last minute alterations.

A lace flower girls dress from David's Bridal.

This summer, Zelda was a flower girl and she dumped her entire basket of petals out on the floor. She then insisted on picking up every single petal. While it caused a funny and cute delay, I’m sure the moment wasn’t appreciated by everyone there. Think outside of the box! Your flower girl doesn’t have to throw petals, she can carry a mini bouquet instead. The flower girl will love it because she matches the “big girls”. We added a sash to Zelda’s bouquet in these pictures, so it matched perfectly!


A lace white dress from David's Bridal and a flower crown.


Are you torn between two girls in your family? Have more than one flower girl! Afterall all, there is power in the buddy system. Choose them both and they’ll be more confident walking down the aisle together.

Build up the hype. Bring your flower girl along to your dress fitting and include her in the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner. Add an extra level of excitement by gifting her a special flower girl accessories right before she walks down the aisle!

A bohemian flower girl dress from David's Bridal.

A pink satin flower girl robe.

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Photos by Hallie Duesenberg