Finding the perfect gift for a new or expectant mom and babe can be daunting. It can quickly spiral into a very time consuming mission to find something that is super cool that she will love, actually use, and won’t get shoved to the back of a closet. Zelda and I teamed up with Curate Chicago to create two very special boxes of goodies that will automatically grant you cool gift giver status!
Zelda Box: I chose pieces that I have come to love for Zelda including adorable threads from Rylee & Cru, and her favorite Blabla flower rattle. One of my favorite memories from my childhood was my grandmother reading The Secret Garden during our weekly library visit (remember libraries!), so I included The Secret Garden: A BabyLit® Flowers Primer Book which is now one of Z’s favorites.
Spy Box: The new little dude in your life will look super chill in this popsicle onesie chewing on a Blabla blue pretzel rattle while you read him Moby Dick! You get the picture, he is going to look adorable and you will be the one responsible for this awesome moment!
During this time mama certainly has a lot on her mind, and showing her that she’s on yours will speak volumes. Each box comes with a bottle of calming bath salts, a lovely candle and the prettiest box of matches you ever did see! When she gets that little bit of coveted time to herself she’s going to be so grateful that you gifted her these!
Each Curate Box is handcrafted in their studio and includes extra special details inside to surprise and delight – think gold foil stationery! And don’t forget your gift message…they’ll handwrite it on our custom stationery and tuck inside for an extra special personal touch. It will be the best thing that lands on their door step, aside from the babe that just arrived via Stork of course!
Curate Chicago for Glitter and Bubbles.Curate Chicago for Glitter and Bubbles.Curate Chicago for Glitter and Bubbles.Curate Chicago for Glitter and Bubbles.