Cupid’s Arrows are now edible with this insanely easy and cute recipe—you only need two ingredients! With just a few yummy items and a knife, you can create these mini arrows that everyone will love. The best part about this is that the littles can jump right on in and help with assembly. Simply precut the gummy hearts for them and everything is ready to go! These arrows would make a great addition to any sweet Valentine’s Day soiree or packaged in clear bags and delivered to friends as a Valentine’s Day treat.

Cupid’s Arrows
  • Prep time:10min
  • Pretzel Rods
  • Heart Gummies
  1. Start by cutting out a small v-shaped section of half of your hearts to make the “feathered” end.
  2. Using a knife or toothpick, poke the knife into the pointy part of your “feathered” end to make an opening for the pretzel to be inserted into. Do the same to the top of whole heart, opposite of the pointy end, to create the tip.
  3. GENTLY (we mean gently!) ease the two gummies onto opposite ends of the pretzel rod. While these pretzel rods may look sturdy, they can break being inserted into the gummies.
  4. That’s it! All that’s left is to enjoy the sweet treats with your littles!