I don’t know about where you live, but here in Colorado, it has been a long winter. Heavy emphasis on LONG. We absolutely got dumped on with snow. Although it provided a very fun first ski season since moving to Aspen last fall, I have never been more ready for summer! And what sounds more delicious and seasonal than a Cruzan® Summer Grilled Peach Mojito?!

As soon as I made this Mojito recipe I instantly knew I had to share it because it’s so, so refreshing and made with my very favorite rum – Cruzan® Aged Light Rum. It’s a blend of rums aged one to four years in American oak casks and then treated to a special filtration process that brings out the full-bodied taste. Sounds like a freaking winner to me! If you prefer a little splash of vanilla or coconut the flavored Cruzan® Rum works perfectly too! Did you know it’s actually crafted on the island of St. Croix?! And is the perfect mixing rum because of the special distillation process to remove fusel oils. This ensures a smooth, high-quality taste at an affordable price. And I know we all appreciate a good price tag, right?

It’s super easy to make, too, so don’t be intimidated by the idea of crafting your own cocktail at home! All you have to do it follow my super simple instructions and you’ll be sipping the juicy deliciousness of this Summer Grilled Peachy Mojito in no time!

So easy to make right?! Definitely let me know if you make this drink! Better yet, share it on Stories and tag me so I can see!

Also, I just want to note that one of the reasons I love working with and supporting brands like Cruzan® is because they give back. Cruzan® established the Island Spirit Fund to assist communities across the U.S. and its territories weathering storms of all kinds. For every case of #Cruzan sold, $1 will be donated to the Island Spirit Fund to aid with hurricane relief! The Fund donates to long-term relief efforts across the U.S. and its territories, helping rebuild and renew communities impacted by hurricanes to ensure that no one weathers a storm alone. Find out more at https://www.cruzanrum.com.

Happy summer and CHEERS!

This post was created in sponsorship with Drizly and Jim Beam, it’s these great partners that allow us to keep living the dream! *You must be 21 to consume alcohol, enjoy and drink responsibly.

Cruzan® Summer Grilled Peachy Mojito


  • 2 Parts Cruzan® Aged Light Rum
  • ½ Part DeKuyper® Peachtree® Schnapps Liqueur
  • 1 Part Simple Syrup
  • Juice of 1 Whole Lime
  • Juice of 1 Peach
  • 8-10 Mint Leaves
  • Splash of Fresca
  • Sliced Grilled Peaches
  1. The key to the perfect Summer drink is the ice! Don't be lazy, pull that blender out and chop up your ice, you will be SO thankful!
  2. Muddle your mint leaves with the juice of 1 lime and 1 peach with simple syrup
  3. Add your muddled magic to a shaker along with your Cruzan®, DeKuyper® and shake gently
  4. Pour over your ice and top off with a bit of Fresca
  5. Garnish with a lime and grilled peach slice.
  6. ENJOY (Responsibly of course!)

Author: Glitter and Bubbles