Now that we are officially in December it’s time to start decorating for the season. What better way to get into the holiday spirit than by creating Crayon Ornaments? This is the perfect DIY craft for the kids, they’re super simple to make and not that messy (thank goodness!). To make these you need crayons, a plastic knife, a plate, a blow dryer, and clear ornaments.
crayon-ornament-supplies First, choose your color combinations, I recommend using 3 colors per ornament. Once you have chosen your colors peel the label off of each crayon.
crayons Using the plastic knife, slice the tips off each crayon.
crayon-tips Place the crayon tips into the ornament. Turn the blow dryer on high (parents this is where you come in) and allow the crayons to melt. Continuously turn the ornament so that the crayons cover the entire inside, creating a beautiful design. This also keeps the ornament from becoming too hot to touch.
melt-crayons Hang your gorgeous creation on your tree or place them in a decorative bowl!