It’s insane how quickly everything is changing around us. In my youth, when someone inquired about a future career choice I typically heard others respond that they wanted to be a veterinarian, doctor or maybe even a firefighter. I never heard anyone say they wanted to be a computer engineer, a programmer or even a blogger. It makes me think, what will Zelda want to be twenty years from now? I’ve been thinking a lot about Zelda’s education and pondering over what the differentiating factors be when she gets older. I’m convinced that it will come down to programming and languages, which is why I’ve started to explore non-traditional options. With classes, we are going outside of the box and moving beyond art and music (don’t get me wrong, both are wonderful but we want to expand her horizons).
Codeverse Coding Camp for Kids in Chicago.
That’s why when I discovered Codeverse I instantly fell in love. I think we all secretly have a dream of our child coming home to tell us they built an app and sold it in Silicon Valley two hundred million dollars. But is that realistic? Anything is possible! That is why if you are in search of a summer camp, I recommend checking out Codeverse. Give your child a skill set that they will be forever grateful for. It will open up so many new opportunities.
Kids learning how to code at Codeverse Camp in Chicago.
Codeverse is a new studio that has set up shop right next to Pump It Up (talk about convenient!). Their goal is to teach littles how to code in a way that is fun so they get excited about it. Codeverse created their own computer language just for kids between the ages of 6 and 12 and dubbed it Kidscript. Using what they learn, kids can show off their skills by working on apps, playing with Spheros and so much more!
Coding for 3D printing with Codeverse.
Codeverse‘s weeklong camp is the perfect way to introduce them to something new that will hopefully spark a passion. From 9am to 3pm each day, kids will learn while they have fun, and a huge bonus for you mama — lunch is included! Sign your babe up now to get $100 off their Summer Coding Camp!