Bubbles are guaranteed to always bring a smile!  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s a good time to start thinking about what your classroom Valentine will be. We came up with this super simple classroom Valentine’s idea that is budget-friendly, super simple, and everyone will love.  For less than $1.00 each and less than 1 hour of your time, you can create these fun Valentines. Since we love them so much (it is part of our name!), we had to create a fun, Valentine, to give out to our friends who make our hearts pop.

Classroom Bubble Valentine DIY


Small Sized Bubbles 

Glitter & Bubbles Template

Sticker Paper



Bubbles For Valentine's Simple 2-Step Bubble Classroom Valentine's


1. Start by placing your printer paper in the tray. Then, download and print out our “You Make My Heart Pop” bubble labels. While they are printing, take the current labels on the bubbles off.

2. After the labels are done printing, cut them out along the dashed lines.

3. Then, adhere the label onto the bottle and press down to smooth, starting from the middle and then working your way outwards. While pressing the label down, slowly wrap it around the bottle.

4. That’s it! You can also attach tags for a personalized option.

Classroom Bubble Valentine's

Don’t be afraid to let your child do the cutting; the lines do not need to be perfectly straight. It’s about the learning and creativity of these projects to inspire them to keep creating. If you do it for them, the lessons to be gained are lost.  Let them get involved and shelf your perfectionism; trust me, I understand and have to restain myself often too!


Share with us what you create, if you post to Instagram please always be sure to tag us @Glitter_And_Bubbles so we can share your creation with everyone!