We all have one. A drawer that is filled with old tees and sweatpants that are older and more beat up than we care to admit, they earn their keep by being our “pajamas”. I get it, there’s nothing more comforting than throwing on that tee that fits perfectly, but it’s time for an upgrade. After all, you deserve the best mama!
What spurred this revelation you ask? Christian Siriano just launched his new line of dresses and pajamas on Amazon, and I am obsessed. Every single set is so stylish, and you can snag your very own pair for $20. How rad is that?! I’m certain my husband will not hesitate in agreeing that this is the best money I’ve spent this month! Pajamas aren’t the only stylish steal the line boasts, Christian also created some amazing dresses that you’re going to fall in love with. Gone are the days of getting that last minute invitation to a bridal or baby shower where you are left panicking because you have nothing to wear. The dresses start at $30 and with Prime shipping it can be at your doorstep in two days. Isn’t technology wonderful?!
I’ve rounded up some of my absolute favorites for you below, be sure to share what you snag before it sells out!
This post by Glitter and Bubbles features Christian Siriano's Amazon collection.

Photo Credit: New York Times & Amazon