Fiddleheads: With a different topic each week, this free activity is perfect for the little who loves to be outside.
Pandas: The Journey Home: This 3D movie by National Geographic takes a fascinating look at pandas, showing how they live both in nature and under human care.
LEGO Build: If you think you have a future architect on your hands, take them to LEGO Build at the Chicago Architecture Foundation. Kids will get to enjoy some LEGO time and work on their problem solving skills. Who says learning can’t be fun?!
The Laboratory: Classes at The Laboratory merge science and reading comprehension! If your babes are a bit older (think 6-9 years) and love things that go bump in the night, The Science & The Story: Making Monsters class is perfect for them! It helps your little use stories, chemistry, physics, and engineering to make their favorite monsters come to life!
Fiesta Familiar: Does your little love to dance? This day of fun at the Lincoln Park Zoo has everything anyone could want, dancing, music and activities galore, and it’s free!
Polar Play Zone: This super special area of the aquarium is made just for kids, and is aimed at teaching them all about the chilliest parts of our world and their inhabitants. They can get up close and personal with their favorite friends who swim, and have an absolute blast!
Photo Credit: Garfield Park Conservatory // World Wide Wildlife // Chicago Architecture Foundation // The Laboratory Chicago // Lincoln Park Zoo // Shedd Aquarium